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There are situations in life when you need to show your best side at the table. Perhaps you need to impress future relatives or business partners. How to behave at the table? Here are some basic rules of etiquette that will help you behave correctly at the table.

1. be Sure to put a napkin on your lap, you will need it to wipe your lips and fingers during lunch.



A white shirt is considered a universal thing, so it serves as one of the elements of the basic wardrobe. Despite the apparent simplicity, the white shirt is an interesting and complex wardrobe item, because it was borrowed from men’s fashion, so it is an ideal combination of femininity and masculinity.

How do I spice up my basic look with a white shirt and diversify my casual business style this summer?



How do you respond to compliments? You are confused and quietly answer “thank You”, just keep silent or even start to justify yourself and say that this is not about you: “Oh, this dress is actually 3 years old and I bought it on sale.” Recognize yourself?

A compliment is a kind of praise, an expression of sympathy, approval, or admiration.
If you are embarrassed to respond to a compliment or even deny it, it says several things:
– low self-esteem;
– you devalue everything you do and do not consider the fruits of your labor something special and worthy of praise;
– you are shy or do not like other people’s attention and compliments make you uncomfortable.


22.07.2020. TO TAME THE BROOCH.

It is difficult to find a more aristocratic accessory than a brooch.
In truth, the brooch is the Queen in the realm of jewelry!

The story of the brooch’s triumph as a decoration is as romantic and interesting as the brooch itself.
Few people know that in the middle Ages, brooches were used as some “secret” signs. It first happened in the 12th century at the court of the French king Louis XLV.


15.07.2020. Bag on the figure.

A perfectly matched accessory sets the style of the image. Among the many offers, branded, fashionable, completely new and just practical, it is not difficult to get lost.
A poorly chosen bag can put an end to the world’s most beautiful dress, suit, or anything else.

In order for the bag to look harmonious with you, when selecting this accessory, you must take into account some important points.


08.07.2020. ELEGANT PICNIC

Summer weekends are a great reason to organize a picnic in the fresh air! How to make it beautiful and elegant? My tips will help you please your guests and remember the picnic for a long time . Yes, and most importantly, enjoy great memories and beautiful photos!

1. Defining the date.
We study the weather forecast and choose the warmest and sunniest day. A perfect picnic can’t take place in the rain. If you do not believe in forecasts, it is better to buy several raincoats or stylish umbrellas at once.
We agree on the date with our friends. Was it confirmed? Then continue.


01.07.2020. Strictly on business!

Today, business wear is more confusing than ever before, and achieving the perfect balance of professionalism and style can be a challenge. According to experts ‘ observations, appearance is often the decisive factor in the successful outcome of a business meeting. So the first rule is: a well-groomed face, a neat hairstyle and manicure, expensive shoes and proper clothing.

Official business style is the official dress code for many offices and corporate events. It denotes a professional style of clothing that seems smart and sophisticated. Men usually require a suit, but women can interpret business style differently.


24.06.2020. Careful, rude man !

There is a decent way out of situations where you are intentionally insulted or offended. There are many ways to put a person in their place without resorting to open rudeness. It is worth getting acquainted with them, so as not to be like ill-mannered boors.

1. Keep calm.


17.06.2020. Summer in business.

The time for pajamas and homewear is over, it’s time to go back to the offices , and this means again a business style of clothing, from which we are already very unaccustomed. Moreover, the situation is aggravated by hot weather.
Summer business wardrobe is one of the most difficult stories. Especially if you don’t have the opportunity to wear sandals, light dresses, and t-shirts every day.

Business style in the summer should be impeccable, as well as at other times of the year, but adjusted for the hot season, it is much more difficult to match the strict office style in the summer.



A heart-to-heart conversation is allowed between close friends, but in small talk there are forbidden issues that a well-bred person will never touch, so as not to offend and offend the interlocutor. I have compiled a list of the most important topics-taboos, for those who need to stay “on top” and not get into an awkward situation. So, forget about conversations and questions about these topics forever, unless it’s about a conversation in the kitchen with the closest person. And even in this case, it is worth thinking ten times, and whether to discuss…




Women owe many men’s wardrobe decisions, and a large, if not greater, part of their wardrobe.

How to introduce elements of men’s wardrobe into women’s? How to look attractive in men’s images? What can I borrow from my beloved man, and what should I buy? Read more about this and even more in this article.

It is men’s things that best emphasize the fragility of a woman, her elegance and tenderness.
In order not to turn into a terrible iron woman – the IRON LADY-for the entire strong half of humanity during reincarnations, a number of female joys and tricks must necessarily dilute the male image.



The elegance test has aroused great interest among our subscribers and it can not but please. After all, good manners, adherence to the rules of behavior and elegance determine your place in society, status, and even your future .

The rules of etiquette, which are also basic rules of respect and courtesy, work both ways. You show them to another person, he shows them to you. This way everyone wins. But there are several nuances that should be recalled and clarified by every self-respecting person. So, let’s test ourselves .


12.05.2020.”ELEGANT EXAM”

I suggest that you feel like graduates today and pass an elegant state exam.
By the way, do you also think that schools should introduce the discipline “Etiquette”into the mandatory educational program? I am!
These seemingly elementary questions should not mislead you , but forewarned means armed!
So let’s get started.


05.05.2020.  “ELEGANCE FOR HAIR»

“Hair style affects the way the day is shaped, and in the end, life” (Sophia Loren). Every day (even in quarantine) we strive to look attractive and stylish, to achieve this, you need to think through the image from head to toe and hairstyle plays a significant role in our appearance.
Every time it comes to a hairstyle, your imagination builds an image of something incredibly beautiful and elegant. But, sometimes, “hands are afraid” to do and it seems that nothing will work out. In fact, you don’t have to go to a beauty salon or have a special talent, or specific knowledge to try different hairstyles on your hair with your own hands.



A silk scarf is not only the main accessory of this spring, but also a useful element of your outfit during the period of self-isolation.

Feel free to cover your hair with a scarf and go to the store for the most necessary things in quarantine.

Tie a silk scarf around your neck and surprise your colleagues in Zoom in a stylish way.

It is easy enough to find a silk handkerchief to your liking . And I’ll show you a few ways to wear headscarves that you didn’t even know you were wearing.



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Measured quarantine-home everyday life will soon end and we will again face the usual tasks of a stylish business woman : “reincarnate in 60 seconds from an iron lady to a fatal beauty” or “how to turn a business jacket into an evening dress”. Sleight of hand and no fraud! If you work in an educational system, office, Bank, or other areas that require a business dress code, consider yourself lucky, because pantsuits, pencil skirts, sheath dresses, and jackets are appropriate not only at work, but also in a festive atmosphere.



Coronavirus has made changes not only in our daily lives, but also in business and social etiquette.
What new rules of etiquette will help save lives in the midst of a pandemic?

So, changes have been made to the usual greeting rituals – handshakes , hugs, and kisses.
Leaders need to take an example from the top officials of States . If previously, according to the rules of etiquette, they were the first to give their hand to subordinates, now they do not do this, thereby approving the new rules. Women should also no longer hold out their hand to greet you.



Self-isolation for us businesswomen does not mean isolation from business, freezing of negotiations and vacation on a desert island. On the contrary, this is a time when we accumulate all our strength, come up with new ways to resuscitate our business and adapt to new conditions.
Today, we must be more collected, disciplined, focused and impeccable than ever.
Now that the entire global business community is switching to live broadcasts and online conferences, we must be fully prepared. If a person can erase a meeting with you offline, then you will never be able to delete an online meeting!