Etiquette as the value of international communication. Clothing, as the language of diplomacy and protocol!

The program “Woman of the Third Millennium” was broadcast on the Media Holding “<url>”. PRAVDA.EN
Guest of the broadcast: Gilana Mikhailova-Director of the RANEPA Center for International Protocol, Executive Director of the National Association of Protocol Specialists.
Led the broadcast’ Alfiya Amirova-President of the International Women’s Union, head of the International Project “By Hands of a Woman”, organizer of the Business Platform-Forum “Woman of the Third Millennium”.
We talked about the PROTOCOL!!!!
Gilana answered such questions as:
– Etiquette as a value: an international language of communication, what can you tell us about it?
– What role does clothing play in diplomacy and protocol? Clothing as the language of diplomacy and protocol.
– When invited to the event by diplomatic staff of Embassies of foreign countries in the Russian Federation (Ambassadors, attaches) and representatives of the Russian government, what is the order of giving the word of greeting?
-How to properly hold a meeting with the Ambassador’s wife according to the protocol?
and other interesting questions!
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