Participation in the first international conference “the Role of women in the Jewish world”mother and children in national costumes

On December 9, the First international conference “the Role of women in the Jewish world” was held, organized by the Women’s League Of the Russian Jewish Congress in cooperation with the Israeli Embassy in Russia.

Within the framework of the conference, a round table “Involving women in social activity” was held, which was attended by representatives of Russian and international women’s organizations, who shared their experience with the women’s community and the peculiarities of attracting women to active participation in communities and organizations.

President of the “International Womens Union” Amirova Alfiya on the example of the flagship project “Hands of women” spoke about the unification and involvement of women in society, to reveal their potential, to show their importance

Participants discussed issues such as integrating the role of women leaders into everyday life, what challenges women leaders face constantly and everywhere, and how to increase attention and work to involve women in social activity.

The moderator of the round table was Diana Medman, a member Of the women’s League of RIVERS and the founder of the Russian Jewish women’s movement.


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