Successful women of the “International Womens Union”!!!

The year 2019 is coming to an end and it is time to sum up, celebrate all the achievements and successes.

Yesterday, the Ceremony of awarding the all-Russian award “AWARDS SUCCESS WOMEN RUSSIA”was held.

We are very proud that Victoria Zubareva, Vice President of the “International Womens Union” , was awarded this award and recognized as a successful woman of Russia. This is absolutely true.

After active work in the “International Womens Union”, Victoria for 20 years successfully heads his family business “BellaVita Atelier” for sewing fur products.

Victoria with special sensitivity and creative touch approaches to creation of each image of clients, the majority of clients more than 10 years keep up with Studio, and already became friends and relatives for a long time.

Evgeny is Victoria’s son, follower and right hand man, a creative engine of new inspirations and ideas

Ekaterina is the Creative Director of “BellaVita Atelier”, as well as, what is important for us, a public relations specialist of  “International Womens Union”.

“We want to say one thing, our business is strong precisely because it is built on the strength of our family, even the fourth member of the crew, Alexander, grandson and son, already shows hope for the future at such a young age” – Victoria Zubareva.

We congratulate you with a worthy award and wish you success in business!!!

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