Treatment in Israel: the highest level of medicine.

Israeli medicine is one of the most popular in the world. 8.3% of the country’s GDP is invested in the development of pharmaceuticals and new scientific developments. In Israel, a high bar is set for the quality of diagnosis and treatment of such serious diseases as cancer, HIV, hepatitis, heart and vascular diseases.

The advantages of the Israeli hospitals
Almost all clinics maintain contact with research institutes or conduct research on the basis of their own medical centers. This allows you to accumulate the most modern medical techniques within one country, as well as quickly implement them in practice. As a result, prices for treatment, on average, are lower by 30-40% than in clinics in the United States and Europe: new medical technologies do not need to be purchased – they are developed by Israeli scientists.

Israeli doctors are among the best in the world. Long-term professional training guarantees that doctors become specialists of the highest level. In Israel, almost zero percent of medical errors. Here, even the slightest probability that a medical specialist will prescribe more expensive than necessary or unnecessary procedures is excluded. In addition, the majority of the population speaks Russian and there is no language barrier.

Reviews of Israeli medicine are positive. Patients value the quality of medical services provided and the level of service.

Another advantage in favor of choosing Israel as a destination for medical tourism is the excellent climate, proximity to the sea, an abundance of attractions and Holy places.

A unique natural health resort-the Dead sea. The peculiarity of the climate of this region stimulates cell regeneration, therapeutic mud helps to get rid of skin diseases, and a mixture of dry desert air and sea air saturated with trace elements is useful for people suffering from respiratory diseases.

Health to You and your loved ones!