On November 20, 2022, the first All-Russian Festival with international participation “FAITH and PSYCHOLOGY” was held at the Al-Marjani Mosque.

The festival was timed to coincide with the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria and the 255th anniversary of the founding of the Al-Marjani Mosque.

The Festival was opened by Imam Khatib of the Al-Marjani Cathedral Mosque, head of the “Islamic Cultural Center named after Sh.Marjani” Mansur Hazrat Jalaletdin, in his speech he noted that the main important task today is to unite the efforts of religious figures, professional psychological communities and creative unions in solving urgent problems.

The festival began with a tour of the oldest mosque in Kazan, which was conducted by Farida Khuzina, Executive Director of the Sh.Marjani ICC, Vice–President of the International Women’s Union. The idea of the Festival is to unite people of faith, creative personalities, writers, artists, practicing psychologists, representatives of religious denominations on one platform to solve the urgent problems of today, F. emphasized.Khuzina.

The festival was attended by reputable experts from Moscow, Crimea, Ulyanovsk, Ufa, Kazan.

Olga Pavlova, Head of the Department of Ethnopsychology and Psychological Problems of Multicultural Education of the Faculty of “Social Psychology” of Moscow Psychological and Pedagogical University, noted that psychological counseling, taking care of psychological and mental health is especially important in such a difficult time, it is important that people know that they always have the opportunity to receive professional psychological support, to reveal their creative abilities that will make life brighter, more interesting, filled with positive, creative emotions.

Organizers (founders) of the Festival :

  • First  Al-Marjani Cathedral Mosque;
  • Sh. Marjani Islamic Cultural Center;
  •  The Center for Self-development and Creativity of MIASSAROVA and BURGANOVA;
  •  Creative studio “Gulzada”

Festival Partners: Association of Psychological Assistance to Muslims (Moscow); “International Women’s Union” (Moscow); Psychological Center “4 life”, Volga Region Institute of Continuing Professional Education PINPO (Kazan); Spiritual and educational portal Muslim.Kz (Astana, Kazakhstan), ANO VO “International Women’s Academy “AISHA” (Moscow), Women’s public organization “Association of Muslim Women Crimea “Bullur-Crystal” (Simferopol, Crimea).

Within the framework of the Festival, leading speakers and moderators presented unique author’s developments in various areas of psychology focused specifically on the spiritual, creative and value potential of a person’s personality – from classical psychology, mediation, coaching, self-regulation practices to aroma-atrsynthesized practices, author’s transformational games, Jungian analysis, Sand-art and fairy-tale therapy.

Professional Networking was presented by leading headlining specialists: workshop author’s method “AYA therapy: Quranic images and stories as tools of therapy and counseling” clinical psychologist Yakhin F.F. (Ufa), master class “Resource state: psychological self-help skills” Barieva Maryam Natalia Yusufovna (Moscow), master class aroma art “Ethereal psychology” aroma practitioner Miassarova E.R. (Kazan), workshop “Conflict resolution: value – spiritual aspects” Makhmutova R.G. (Kazan), workshop “How to stop suffering and find peace” Burganova G.D. coach (Kazan), “Immersive performance in the Japanese style “Rakugo” psychodramatic action with the participation of the audience from Ruzana Khusnutdinova, director, screenwriter of the creative association “Distant People” (Kazan), creative meeting “About spiritual the potential of creativity” Alina Faskheeva, author of poetry collections (Kazan), psychodramatic workshop.

“Roots are a conversation with the past. Work with family history in psychodrama” Bayirova Z.M. (Simferopol, Crimea), a workshop from the author of transformational games for finding optimal solutions “Integrity. Moving towards a dream. He and she. Movement towards each other” Akhmetzyanova G. E. (Kazan), workshop “Finance, self-realization of women in Islam” member of the Association of Psychological Assistance to Muslims Natalia Laukart (Ulyanovsk”, co-founder of the women’s club “VesNa” Aleeva V. N. (Ulyanovsk), master class “Transformation of destructive feelings into a resource state or how to tame your anger” Zyazin S. Yu., Rector of the AISHA International Women’s Academy, member of the Board of the Association of Psychological Assistance to Muslims, consultant psychologist (Moscow)

At the end of the festival, which took place for 12 hours, the participants expressed warm words to the organizers and suggested that in order to preserve and revive spiritual and moral values, cultural traditions, through an appeal to faith, annually hold such a festival as the fundamental basic values of man and psychology.