Check-up in China: the Eastern philosophy of health.

Check-up in China is becoming an increasingly popular destination for medical tourism among Russians every year. After all, it is the method of examination that is unique and passed from generation to generation.

What are the advantages of undergoing diagnostics in China?
Methods of diagnosing the body in China are radically different from European ones.
Chinese specialists do not accept complex methods, but rely on the principles of traditional Eastern medicine. The characteristics of the pulse, respiration, as well as the color of the cornea and the smell coming from a person give comprehensive and most accurate information about the state of the body. In particular, Chinese doctors are able to distinguish 70 shades of pulse, each of which gives an understanding of the work of organs and systems of the body. This approach does not cause any harm to the body.
The duration of the Check-up in China 1 day. The doctor begins the examination of the patient by analyzing the condition of his appearance. The color of the skin and cornea of the eyes, the mucous membrane of the tongue (color, humidity, shape, mobility, character of the plaque), the overall structure of the body, coordination of movements are evaluated. Next, the doctor studies the features of the sound of the vocal cords. Palpation of the pulse allows not only to determine the existing problems with internal organs, but also to record just beginning pathological changes in the body.
Chinese traditional medicine is a century-old knowledge and experience, multiplied by the achievements of science. Due to its relative simplicity and effectiveness, it has been widely recognized throughout the world.
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