Category: “Psychology”. How to make a person your own or what are close people?

Dear friends, we are starting a new weekly column “Psychology”, which will lead Anastasia Danilova-Educational psychologist, parapsychologist, online trainer, author and project Manager numerolog. club-School of modern numerology and “Write from the soul” – psychotherapy through texts.

Topic of the category: “How to make a person your own or what are close people?”

A few years ago, I had an amazing metamorphosis. As a result of exploring yourself and allowing yourself to be as you are at the moment. As a result, I’ve learned to smile at difficulties and make sure they don’t affect my mood. I saw that often when I talk to a person, to anyone: just a passer-by, or a conductor on a train, or at a stop, or a taxi driver, the person turns on me completely, completely and looks at me with interest and willingness to communicate. It turns on almost 100%.

At first I was surprised, then gradually I began to understand what people like.

I am happy with life and smile, and I also see value in myself, which means in any of my requests, questions, or desires. It’s nice to respond to this. I kind of looked from the side, trying to figure out what would make me turn on with pleasure and interest to address me. It is pleasure and interest – why is this person suddenly so happy, calm and confident? It’s nice and I want to communicate when they talk like this. And I began to observe how my condition affects the reaction of other people to me, their willingness to cooperate, to act in the interests of the cause next to me.

And here are the conclusions:

  • It all starts with the value of yourself and the lack of internal criticism. If there is peace and satisfaction in the soul, everyone around feels it, as well as the internal conflict, too, everyone feels it.
  • If you value yourself, you value the other – his time, his desires, the very fact of being included in your life, even if he can’t do anything, won’t want to participate in you, he is valuable in himself.
  • Be prepared for any reaction, even to conflict, claims, because you understand that nothing can affect your desire to live happily, you will look for options for this in any case. Even if someone doesn’t want to.
  • Being able to thank is also a willingness to share something with a person, first of all, your attitude towards them.
  • And also – in any situation, be ready to do everything possible for my own happiness, so that life around me suits and pleases.
  • Do not shift responsibility for your mood to anyone, do not fulfill your wishes, do not complain, but do something. And live like this forever.

In this way, through the relationship, you can make a person your own, they have a desire to be close, continue to communicate, be closer, because the most valuable thing we get from each other is an attitude.

And a close person is not only a relative and close by blood or by a stamp in the passport, a close person is someone who is close at a given time. If you understand this phrase literally, it turns out that a loved one is someone who is close, in your field, whom you see and hear now. And it is very important and beneficial for both to have a friendly attitude and an understanding of the value of themselves and the other.