Meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” in the Moscow House of Nationalities.

On 17.08.2023, a meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” was held in the Moscow House of Nationalities.

The agenda of the meeting was devoted to the topic “Interethnic dialogue, cultural code, family values”.

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

They discussed issues of family values of various nationalities, the concept of strengthening interethnic and interfaith harmony, about the cultural code.

Organizer: “International Women’s Union”

The general information partner was the Online publication “Embassy Life”

The meeting was opened by Alfiya Amirova, President of the International Women’s Union, President of the VISIO 3000 International Discussion Club

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

The participants of the meeting were presented with a video of the International photo contest “Mother and children in national costumes”. The photo contest was presented AT SPIEF-2023 in digital format at the International Festival of the Peoples of the North “Soul of Russia” at the Lenfilm Film Studio as part of the cultural program.

The speakers of the meeting were:

Vladimir Y. Zorin, Chairman of the Commission on Interethnic, Interreligious Relations and Migration of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation with the theme “Family values as the basis of unity in the context of interethnic and religious diversity”

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

Mikhailova Gilana – Head of Programs at the Higher School of Economics, RANEPA, Executive Director of the National Association of Protocol Specialists with the theme “Cultural code influencing business communication”.

Natalia Y. Rotmistrova, Deputy Director of Public Relations, acted as a representative of Olga Nikolaevna Moroz, the founder of the clinic of aesthetic medicine, the author of unique methods of non-surgical rejuvenation of the face and body. Natalia Yurievna presented the topic “Age management program as a trend of modern approach to the topic of national health”

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

Kamil Landa – Doctor of Political Sciences highlighted the topic “Interethnic stability as a factor of Russia’s national security!”

Hamdani Yshteak Syed Hussein. The Editor-in-chief of the Pakistani-Russian Portal Sada-e-Rus, Correspondent, GC PTV Pakistan covered the topic “Dialogue in cultural diplomacy”.

Asia Biskup – Vice President of the NGO “International Union of Women”, Executive Director of the International Discussion Club “VISIO 3000” spoke about the goals, objectives, mission of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000”.

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

Tskhovrebova Lidiya Vladimirovna. Artist-designer. Member of the Association of Fashion Designers of Russia. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists. Member of the Association of Artists of Decorative Arts. Participant of many Russian and international shows in Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and other countries spoke on the topic “Cultural code – preservation of traditions”

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

Marina Dmitrievna Tikhonycheva – Rector of the Institute of Languages and Cultures. Leo Tolstoy spoke with the theme “Native language in the family”

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

Alina Arykovna Tengebayeva, President of the Firebird Bureau Charitable Foundation, highlighted the topic “Russian is the language of peace and friendship”

“It is very important, especially in today’s turbulent times, for all of us to live in peace and harmony.  Issues of interethnic interaction are key to security and unity. Familiarity with the values of individual peoples and major faiths will help to get away from prejudices and stereotypes in the perception of other cultures, strengthen interethnic and interfaith peace.

Family and society are the environment in which the cultural code is formed. The family forms not only spiritual experience, but also national values, meanings,” the President of the club Amirova Alfiya concluded the speakers’ speech

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

After the speech, the speakers answered the questions of the participants of the meeting. Networking was held as part of the meeting.

During the work of the international discussion club, there was a gathering and exchange of views on a given topic, the development of possible joint initiatives and partnerships.

The next meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” will be held on September 26, 2023.

We express our gratitude to the speakers and participants of the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000”!

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

We thank GBU “Moscow House of Nationalities”!

The photos were provided by the GBU “Moscow House of Nationalities” and the participants of the meeting.

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