A practical lecture “Reputation image” was held in Moscow.

On March 19, a practical lecture “Reputational Image” was held within the framework of the Department “Education and Advanced Training” of the International Women’s Union, with the support of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of the City of Moscow on the basis of the subordinate institution of the State Budgetary Institution “Moscow House of Public Organizations”, in the space “Environment for their own”.

The lecturer was Anastasia Perevalova, Head of the Reputational Image department of the International Women’s Union within the Department of Education and Professional Development

Nadezhda Fedorova, Executive Director of the International Women’s Union, made a welcoming speech.
Nadezhda Alekseevna greeted the guests, thanked the Environment of Her Own space for its help in organizing the event and presented  Anastasia has a certificate of official appointment to the position of head of the “Reputation Image” department.

Anastasia spoke about the importance of a reputation image, what it consists of, what you need to pay attention to in order to make the right first impression and prolong it indefinitely, how to work on reputation and not lose it at the most crucial moment.

Lecture abstracts.
A reputation image expert is someone who gives recommendations on how to make the right first impression and not only not spoil it in the future, but also enhance the “wow” effect.
Image is the first impression from the perspective of an outsider. It is formed by the interlocutor from 3 seconds to 30 minutes
The image consists of:
– Kinetic image, that is, non-verbal communication. Our posture, gait, gestures, postures, facial expressions
– The overall image, our appearance
– Verbal image, how and what we say in the first 30 minutes

Reputation, unlike image, is not about first impressions. It does not arise out of the blue. Reputation is always the result of effort, work; it is the baggage of already formed opinions.

The components of reputation:
1. I (YOU)
2. Kinetic intelligence
3. Appearance
4. Public speaking skills
5. Emotional intelligence
6.All kinds of etiquette

It is important to start working with reputation, that is, with what kind of reputation you want to create for yourself. What do you want people to say about you now, in a year, 10, 40, 50 years

It is worth working on each component of the image and reputation, then you feel confidence, status, harmony.

The lecture participants received practical recommendations and actively participated in all the tasks given by the lecturer, thereby analyzing their reputational image.

At the end of the lecture, Nadezhda Fedorova, as Executive Director of the International Women’s Union, spoke about the mission, goals and objectives of the women’s organization, shared plans and invited the participants of the event to the 3rd International Forum “Woman of the Third Millennium”, which will be presented on November 14-15, 2024 at the legendary site of the Cultural Center of the Main Directorate of the Diplomatic Corps at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia.

After graduation, a networking session was held where participants could discuss the results of the lecture and share their impressions.

The partner of the coffee breaks was  Yopells is a brand and manufacturer of the unique pells dessert. The pells dessert is a viscous dough made of rice flour, the most delicate cream and 18 original fillings for every taste. The dessert complied with all the rules of etiquette, it did not stick to your hands, did not crumble and was amazingly delicious.

Feedback from participants:

“Anastasia, I was at your performance for the first time, this is the case when love happens at first sight, the first word, the first gesture
Thank you for your valuable and useful knowledge. Bring your skills to this world, it needs them.”

“Anastasia, thank you for the wonderful master class, for your generosity and ability to inspire.
There is a lot of interesting information that can be used right now and there is something to think about.”

The organizer is the International Women’s Union.

The general information partner of the Online publication “Embassy Life” https://embassylife.ru/

We thank the Environment for Our Own space for its help in organizing and holding the event. Photos from Wednesday for your own.

See you soon!

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