Business brunch in a beautiful place with beautiful women.

August 10 in the heart of our capital in the Grand Cafe “Dr. Zhivago” hosted a business brunch gathering successful, talented and beautiful businesswomen in a beautiful place.

Traditionally , the business brunch was opened by the President of the International Women ‘s Union , Amirova Alfiya .Alfiya introduced the guests to the main idea of creating an International Union of Women, about the implementation of projects aimed at preserving the culture and traditions of our great country and at uniting women of different nationalities, faiths and countries.

She spoke about the upcoming 2nd International Forum “Woman of the Third Millennium”, which is held to unite women leaders of the regions of the Russian Federation and foreign friendly countries, to exchange experience and get acquainted with best practices aimed at discussing the role of women in the modern world.

The stated key topics of the Forum are aimed at the positive impact of strengthening the women’s movement in Russia and the interaction between women Russia and women of friendly foreign countries.

Within the framework of the forum, the Regions of the Russian Federation and foreign friendly countries will be represented at the exhibition “Women’s Hands”, the winners of the 4th International Photo Contest “Mother and Children in national costumes” will be awarded.

Alfiya Amirova also spoke about the International Prize, which is held in the first and will be held annually, awarding the winners of the International Contest “Woman of the Third Millennium” will be held within the framework of the forum.

Gilana Mikhailova, Head of Programs at the Higher School of Economics, RANEPA, Executive Director of the National Association of Protocol Specialists, became the guest of honor at the Business Brunch.

Gillana spoke about the protocol in the business environment, answered the questions of the participants of the event, gave examples from her practice, gave recommendations. The performance turned out to be bright and informative.

Each of the guests had the opportunity to talk about themselves, their business, goods or services, find friends and partners.

Asia Biskup, head of a large business and Executive Director of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” shared news about the club’s activities, mission and future plans.

Each guest received a rose, the personification of femininity and beauty, and a pleasant gift made with love.

Following our tradition, a charity prize draw was held:

  • The author’s plate, hand-painted by Amirova Alfiya
  • Cosmetic device from Larisa Kosheva-Mikhailina
  • Article on a free basis from ESMI “Embassy life”
  • A bottle of fine Georgian wine from Elena Yamshchikova
  • Tour of the gallery by Tatiana Arova
  • Speaking as a speaker at one of the meetings of the “VISION 3000 International Discussion Club”

We are very pleased that the brunch brought together guests from different business fields: beauty, medicine, design, psychology, aromatherapy, law, gallery owners, GC managers, government representatives, as well as the non-profit sector and other areas. Despite the scope of the spheres and interests, the ladies found a lot in common and interesting.

And according to tradition, our beautiful business brunch ended with a photo session from the brilliant Photographer Pavel Yurash.

The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The information partner was the Online publication “Embassy Life”.

We would like to share the impressions of one of the ladies:
“… Listening to the performances of each of the women present, we understand and find out what each of us has in mind, how we can help in promoting their projects.

Many of us, at least once in our lives, have faced a situation when nothing pleases, nothing wants, everything goes wrong in life, and when you get to such a business breakfast with smart, charming ladies, then a lot falls into place.

And here they are kind, warm wishes, when you find the strength to overcome the problems that arise and now you think only about the positive.

No wonder they say that you should surround yourself with positive, successful people.

And so, this zone of comfortable communication at a business breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere, with the novelty of the issues raised, always inspires, improves mood and gives additional strength.

I am in awe of every woman who was around today. You can write very interesting stories about each of them with their uniqueness, experience, beliefs, values, and worldview.

They were shocked by their creativity, what they were doing.

Businesswomen, creators, a well-known medical innovator, it was so nice to see and listen to them… May the joy of communication in the circle of the NGO “International Union of Women” make you even happier and more successful!

Join our community of Women of the Third Millennium!”

Thank you for your kind words and see you again!

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