Luxury is a state of mind and body! Нealthy body in a healthy spirit!

Tolly Kirillov is a top international stylist, image maker, creative director of the International Women’s Union. Event Is the Founder Of “TOLLIVIPGROUP”.

Producer-organizer of Russian and international beauty contests, fashion projects, image shoots for famous glossy magazines. The absolute winner and finalist of international competitions. Owner of the studio “Beauty and Aesthetics Room ART ROOM 333”.

Hairdresser-fashion designer and colorist. Make-up artist and beauty expert in the field of cosmetology. Professional shopper, model and coach-mentor in modeling art. Journalist and special correspondent of the online publication “Embassy Life”.

My first professional education is an accountant. In 2001, I graduated from the Sakhalin Fuel and Energy College with a degree in accounting – control and secretary-clerk. He practiced as an accountant at the airport of the city of Okha on Sakhalin. Accounting education helped me to enter the Khabarovsk State Technical University at the Faculty of Economics and Management at an enterprise in Industry, after which I worked as a chief economist in a large company, then as a financier of a chain of universal service stores, then as a financial director of an alcohol company for the sale of goods.

My career was developing rapidly, but I was increasingly drawn to professions related to beauty. Therefore, in my piggy bank there are a lot of different diplomas in such specialties as “Makeup and decorative cosmetics”, for example, or “Mannequin” from the Far Eastern Theater of Fashion and Modeling Art. And I also graduated from the Khabarovsk Center for Hairdressing with a degree in “Universal Hairdresser”.

My first professional education has never been useful to me in my life. Because creativity is creativity, beauty is beauty, and finance loves strict control and accounting in any profession.

At first, I conquered my native Far East as a professional model – participated in numerous projects on TV and radio, fashion shows for famous brands, starred in advertisements for glossy magazines and appeared on billboards, won the “Mr. Citi – Khabarovsk” contests, in the international Trend Vision Award competition from Wella Professional and Londa Professional, at the X International Festival of hairdressing “Golden Scissors” from Schwarzkopf Professional. He trained and worked as a stylist-hairdresser in a Japanese beauty salon.

He took part as the main top stylist and image maker of Russia’s first online beauty contest “Miss Virtual Khabarovsk”.

Then he started organizing such events himself: he organized fashion shows, shoots for magazines and outdoor advertising of famous brands, then there was the All-Russian beauty contest “Queen of Rock” as part of the world tour of the cult group “Scorpions”.

In 2009 I moved to Moscow. He worked as a stylist-hairdresser. He was a makeup artist for the global company MAC Cosmetics.

From 2011 – 2014 Moscow/Saint Petersburg/Krasnodar/Sochi is the main stylist-fashion designer of hairdressing and make-up artist for the creation of new fashion collections “Wedding Collection by IRINA LUX” from the leading brand company IRINA LUX – a major manufacturer of wedding and evening dresses and accessories for brides in Russia and CIS countries.

He created advertising images for the chain of stores of luggage and accessories made of leather “VOKZAL”, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar.

He created advertising images for the RENAISSANCE jewelry house in Krasnodar.

He created advertising images for the VIP Concept store MATRONA RUSSIAN CHIC fashion boutique in Krasnodar. He acted as the official stylist of the All – Russian beauty contest Mrs. South 2014 . Sochi.

2012 – 2016 – was the absolute winner and finalist of Russian and international competitions in hairdressing in Russia, Spain, Portugal, Italy…

In 2012, I became a national winner and took the silver cup in the world at The Next Style Masters competition from the famous cult brand Revlon Professional (Budapest, Hungary) and my creative images were in the advertising of the RevlonPro brand all over the world.

In 2013, he joined the official Russian delegation of top stylists invited by the well-known company Colomer Group. – a global brand in the field of production of popular brands of cosmetics.

Starred as a model with the world legend and fashion designer of hairdressing Luis Longeras in advertising the new collection PRIVEE COLLECTION REVLON PRO. Barcelona Spain.

He was a finalist and participant in the international competition The Style Masters Show .Madrid Spain.

Collaborated as an image-maker stylist and model with well-known glossy magazines in Russia and abroad: Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, ArtCoiffure, Fashion Collection, PLATON, Woman’s Day, IrinaLux Wedding Collection, Dolores, Lifestyle, COLLECTION, Art of Consumption, Business Magazine”, “PERSONA PERSON”, “Expensive pleasure”, “Dog.<url>” “I buy”, “Wedding”, “Tatarstan”, “Telesem” and many others.

Tatarstan appeared on my list in 2016, I became the ideological inspirer and organizer of a large secular project “Russian Luxury Village – Fashion. Horses. The show” at the main hippodrome of Kazan, where the guest stars were famous fashion brands of the capital, Russian designers and popular artists, including composer Yuri Usachev, ex-member of the group “Guests from the Future” and singer Tina Kuznetsova from the project “Voice”.

In 2017, he organized the international beauty contest “Woman of the Year. Top 50”, a special guest was singer Avraham Russo.

In 2018, he organized the fashion project “Top 10 most beautiful and successful women of the Southern Federal District”.

He became a member of the jury of the All-Russian beauty contest “You are Unique”, where 80 cities of Russia participated.

2019 Kazan – held an immersive theatrical show F.And Chaliapin.

2019 – in Moscow, he was awarded an honorary diploma for creating the image of a business woman as the basis of a successful career, became the absolute winner in the nomination top stylist of the year within the II National Award “Storytelling in Russian” and the Moscow competition “Success”.

In 2019, Moscow performed live as a guest and expert of style and fashion with the theme “Aesthetics of Beauty”, on the well-known Internet radio MediaMetrics — a Russian digital rating news aggregator.

Since 2020, he has created his own author’s international fashion photo project “The image of a business woman of Russia as the basis of a successful career”, which was presented by an exhibition of photographic works and a fashion show in the main cities of Russia and the CIS.

In the autumn of 2021, he organized and held the All-Russian conference “Women in Business – 2021”, supplemented by an author’s photo exhibition and a fashion show with the participants of the project, and the Kremlin of Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan, was chosen as the venue. National Art Gallery “Khazine”.

Then he was the ideological inspirer and co-organizer of the second All-Russian conference “Women in Business 2021-2022” with a fashion show of participants and an author’s photo show, which took place in the famous shopping center “Fashion gallery” Nizhny Novgorod.

In 2021, at the annual Success Award in Moscow, he was awarded a diploma and an honorary medal for conscientious work from the State Award Committee of Russia.

2021-2022 – Organized and held the annual award ceremony “CELEBRITY KAZAN” in Kazan, where exclusive awards were presented to famous people for their contributions in the fields of business, politics, culture, sports, education, social entrepreneurship and charity.

In the spring of 2022, he was invited to Moscow as a VIP to celebrate the centenary of the Shukhov Tower, a project of the Shukhov Cultural Foundation.

2023 – appointed creative director of the Regional Public Organization “International Union of Women”, as well as a journalist and special correspondent of the unique large online publication “Embassy Life”.

When you like everything you do, when you give yourself to the profession without a trace, new opportunities and new directions appear by themselves. And all this fits seamlessly into one another. So, I created my own fashion project “Transformation of personal image – the secret of success” and became the author of the women’s training “Born a woman: the beginning” (beauty, style, personality – correction of fate and body). Image astronomerology helps me in all this, which I also successfully practice.

Create Eternal Good Bright Social and charitable image project “TRANSFORMATION OF GRANDMOTHERS” together with the well-known socio-political magazine “Tatarstan” TATMEDIA for participants with disabilities of the Second World War and veterans of labor who are in boarding schools.

I took part in a very significant social fashion project to transform wonderful women, among whom were ladies of the “golden” and “diamond” age. All of them are residents of a boarding house, and each of them has her own unforgettable life story, with sorrows and joys. They are like the book we read today, and the genre of this book is drama. But the main thing in it is different: all our heroines are Women, and I’m glad that today we helped them see themselves from a slightly different side. Fashionable and chic, beautiful and irresistible! The way they feel deep inside, despite their age or circumstances, but they can’t always show this world. I am glad if we were able to light a fire in their hearts.

I wish many people: before you start a new page in your book of life, listen to your heart: it will tell you what you want with all your heart and what your purpose is… And it doesn’t matter how old you are, what nationality and gender you have, what social and religious status you have, where and in what part of the globe you live, what experience you have behind you and what state you are in now … The main thing is to believe in yourself and in your guiding star that illuminates your way! The universe always hears you and does everything to make your innermost desire come true.

Do good, and it will come back to you