Social entrepreneurship, a profession that improves this world.

“There are thousands of tools – one way to yourself! I will show you the way to yourself, through love and healing.”,- Elena Minnulina.
Elena Minnullina is a social entrepreneur, a member of the International Women’s Union, a specialist psychologist, energy practitioner.
Since school age, Elena had an irresistible desire to help her loved ones. In her youth, she wrote an essay on the topic “Children and Youth”, where she revealed her first concept of interaction between teenagers at school and outside. For this work, she was invited to speak at the All-Russian Forum of Young Citizens of Tatarstan, which was held in the Supreme Council of the Republic of Tatarstan headed by President M.Shaimiev.

Elena supervised social projects, helped the older generation. Having come into contact with the pain of the elderly and socially unprotected segments of the population of the city of Yelabuga, she did not want to stay away and created her own agency “Good Hands”, which to this day provides volunteer assistance.
Elena didn’t want to stop. In her work, often faced with issues of domestic violence, including sexual violence of women and men, she realized that there are not so many places in the city where people could seek psychological help. After a while, Elena opens her help center and support service for people who could come, confide in, tell about a difficult life situation that happened to them.
She is becoming a social entrepreneur.  In her work, she uses a powerful set of tools, techniques and practices, such as regression therapy or work with past memories, the theta healing method (a meditation technique of alternative medicine that allows a person to heal spiritually and physically), spiritual generic arrangements (a method that allows you to work with a person as a part of systems through gender).
Possessing foresight and the gift of foresight, she plunges into the subconscious of clients and helps them to live through the reasons that prevent them from breathing deeply and living fully. Elena sees people’s problems, the causes and consequences of which are birth injuries, negative attitudes, resentments. It helps a person to realize, accept and solve them.  Constantly improving, studying, improving her skills, she has become one of the most sought-after specialists in the Republic of Tatarstan and beyond.
Elena organizes educational workshops, retreats, conducts author’s marathons, as a psychologist and energy practitioner, with the help of which people’s lives are changing for the better.
Elena about herself:
“I am engaged in a business that is aimed at solving social problems: helping people, including the disabled, orphans, pensioners, refugees. At the heart of my social entrepreneurship is the manifestation of initiative in solving the problems of socially vulnerable categories of the population.
All my conscious life I try to help people so that they learn to live and cope with their psychological traumas, so that the world becomes better and cleaner, so that there are more smiles and people’s hearts open.”

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