Echoes of the soul

We present to your attention the Vice President and Executive Director of the International Discussion Club International Women’s Union – Asia Biskup.

Asya Biskup has a higher economic and legal education, is the general director of the Trading House “NefteGazOborudovanie”.

She is a participant of many international forums and conferences, where she is a speaker in the field of business, leadership, shares her experience with aspiring businessmen and businesswomen.

One of them The International Forum “The Woman of the Third Millennium”, at which Asya Biskup made a speaker with the theme “The Leader — Creator Strategy”.

Despite such a serious and not entirely feminine position, Asya is always happy to help and support interesting ideas and projects.

It gives her pleasure to learn something creative and interesting. And three years ago, during the pandemic, Asya began to engage in creativity, namely, she began to paint pictures.

She devoted her free time to drawing. She started and liked it, although it was a new direction for her.

Asya has held several solo exhibitions and is a member of the international creative community of Artists.

Asya about her occupation with creativity:

“I started painting in the studio of Anna Volchek (“Volchek Studio”). Anna helped me see the world of colors. To reveal the truth of the art of artistic painting.  She taught me to see images and give beautiful feelings through canvases. Inspired new ideas.

At first, I painted pictures, creating copies of great artists that I really like. I admire their creativity. These are great artists – Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet. Vasily Kandinsky. Then, their images came. I really want to convey my feelings through paintings.  The main thoughts that formed the plots of the paintings are love, peace, kindness.

I really want to show that love unites everything in the district!  The world that surrounds us is wonderful and fragile. People can protect nature.

In any period of life, we are not alone, and there will always be a person who is near, who loves and understands you.”

I thank my son, who supported me and appreciated my desire to create.  Inspiration and Hope give birth to new desires to write.

Health! Good luck! You!  Save the love in your loved ones! Love!

Asya has held several solo exhibitions. One of them is “Echoes of the Soul”.

There are times in everyone’s life when you need help. And you go looking for her.  The “Power of the Universe” comes to your aid! You begin your journey. You meet “Nature” face to face. She sees you and you see her. You, of course, admire her beauty, power, primevalness of her “Majesty of the Elements”!

While diving into the waters of the deep seas and oceans, you see its fabulous inhabitants, unusual creatures and plants. The seabed is like a bright, colorful, fabulous life. So Asya saw these extraordinary inhabitants of the seas. I visited them. Not everyone is friendly and kind and wants to see you. They are the masters of the “Sea Element”.

Sometimes you are called mountains. Oh! What “Lords of the Heavenly Land” they are! Different….

Today they greet you with their sunny, sugar ridges and blue waterfalls. And there are days when they show their surprisingly cold character. Snow, fog is on their shoulders. Sharp, steep banks … and you are in a valley at the foot….

Such power and strength of the “Universe” inspires our hearts and souls!

An equally bright exhibition of Asi Biskup was held in Moscow on September 16, 2021 at the Niko Gallery – “Dreams of something More”!

Asya loves to travel, and leads an active lifestyle, jumps from a parachute and sails.

By the way, Asya is Yacht captain of coastal navigation (International Bareboat Skipper).

We wish Ace success, new ups, inspirations and “seven feet under the keel”!!

We are glad that Asya Biskup is in our team!!!

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