Members of the Board of Trustees International exhibition “Medicine and tourism”- Vittorio Torrembini.

Members of the Board of Trustees International exhibition “Medicine and tourism”. Vittorio Torrembini.

The organizer  Business platform ” Woman of the third Millennium» is the  “International women’s Union”  (, co-organizer of the exhibition” Medicine and tourism “is GC” Atlas of Health ” (

The official media partner is Media holding “Правда.ги” (

Vittorio Torrembini-Italian, Vice-President of the Association of Italian entrepreneurs (GIM-Unimpresa), honorary Consul of Italy in Lipetsk.

Born in Northern Italy, he studied at the University of Milan. He started his career as an architect, later became involved in politics and worked as the head of various municipal institutions for almost 13 years. After that, he became a commercial Director of a company that supplied woodworking equipment to various countries.

In 1989, I was sent to Russia. Since then, I have been working on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Over time, thanks to the accumulated experience, I created my own company that provides assistance and support to Italian firms that operate in your country. Especially those who are engaged in investment in production.

Over the past twenty years, he has been actively involved in the work of the Association of Italian entrepreneurs in Russia.

The Association of Italian entrepreneurs “GIM-Unimpresa” is ready to provide all possible support in organizing and holding the International exhibition “Medicine and tourism”, which will be presented on November 6-8, 2020 in Moscow (VDNH, Pavilion 57) as part Of the international Business platform “Woman of the third Millennium”

GIM-Unimpresa, the Association of Italian entrepreneurs in Russia — is a non-profit partnership established in 1994 that has been supporting and protecting the interests of Italian companies operating in the Russian Federation for more than 20 years.

The Association unites companies from all major economic sectors, including small, medium and large enterprises, as well as banks, companies providing various services and production sites.

The consolidated presence on the territory, combined with a trained and competent team, has helped the Association acquire a high level of credibility and competence, which allows it to provide strategic advice and high-quality support to all Italian companies in the Russian Federation and those companies that are planning to start working in this market.

Over the years, she has initiated countless events, always aimed at supporting, facilitating and promoting the work of Italian colleagues, both in Russia and in Italy.


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