International cooperation with women in Afghanistan.

Today, on February 12, 2020, a Memorandum of cooperation was signed between the international Union of Women and the Women’s Committee Of the center for promoting unity and development of diasporas in Afghanistan.

We outlined plans for interaction within the framework of the two organizations aimed at developing and strengthening the women’s community.

The meeting was attended by :

  • Alfiya Amirova-President of the “International Womens Union “
  • Ghulam Mohammad Jalal is the President of the Afghan Diaspora center.
  • Nick Mohammad Latifa is the Chairman of the women’s Committee of the Afghan Diaspora center.
  • Marat Shakirzyanov.-General Director of the Zur Art Foundation”
  • Syed Mohammad Faiza-Chairman of the youth Committee of the international Institute for the study of world problems.



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