Women’s health is the future health of the nation!!!Important meeting.

Today, a meeting was held in the Department of health Of the government of Moscow . The main topic of the meeting was the Organization and holding of A training seminar “New era in medical and surgical methods of Oncology treatment” from leading Italian doctors for Russian colleagues.

The uniqueness of the international training seminar: leading Italian experts will share with Russian doctors scientific achievements and their invaluable experience in the treatment of cancer.

“International Womens Union  ” is confident that women’s health is the future health of the nation and takes an active part in the preparation of this seminar, organized by our partner Group of Companies “Atlas of health” together with Italian partners “Rafael Consulting”.

The meeting was attended by :

Aksenova Elena – Director of the Department of health of the city of Moscow. Doctor of economic Sciences, candidate of pedagogical Sciences.

Vasilets Anna – the President of group of companies GC “Atlas health»

Amirova Alfiya-President of the ROO “International Womens Union “.

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