Decide together socially important tasks!!!

A MEMORANDUM on cooperation and cooperation between the Regional public organization for the support of women entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses “International women’s Union” in the person of the President — Amirova Alfiya  and ANO on social adaptation of citizens “Support of the Nation” in the person of  Mikhail Senkevich .

The main task of our cooperation is the joint solution of the socially significant problem of rehabilitation and social adaptation of women convicted.

The parties are actively working on the preparation and holding of the 2nd International Festival of arts and crafts “By Hands of a women”, which will be held on November 3-4, 2019. in WTC, Moscow, which will feature products made by the hands of women convicts.

Senkevich M. V. joined the organizing Committee and the jury of the International project “Hands of women”.

Glad to cooperate!



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