Elegant exam(continued)

The elegance test has aroused great interest among our subscribers and it can not but please. After all, good manners, adherence to the rules of behavior and elegance determine your place in society, status, and even your future . #iwu_business_etiquette

The rules of etiquette, which are also basic rules of respect and courtesy, work both ways. You show them to another person, he shows them to you. This way everyone wins. But there are several nuances that should be recalled and clarified by every self-respecting person. So, let’s test ourselves .

It turns out that according to the rules of etiquette, the umbrella is dried only in the closed position, ideally on a special stand. By the way, this option of drying and the umbrella itself is preferable, the fabric of the dome is better preserved. A very common mistake is to dry the umbrella in the open state at a party or office. This can be done exclusively at home and preferably without guests. To dry it at a party, you need to put it in a special stand or just hang it.

International Protocol restricts women in the possible number of jewelry at the same time-13 including jewelry buttons. The cost of jewelry tends to go up simultaneously with the darkening of the street. According to the rules of etiquette, you can not wear rings on gloves, but you can wear bracelets. There are also changes in etiquette. So once diamonds were allowed to be worn only by married ladies and only in the evening. Now even young girls can afford small diamonds during the day.

If you are in the theater or in the cinema later than other spectators, and your seat is in the middle of the row, make your way to it only with your face to the seated. However, it is interesting that in Europe there is the opposite rule. It’s the mentality, probably. For example, if you are walking along a row in an auditorium somewhere in France, you must turn your back on those already seated, otherwise people will think you are ill-mannered, and the same applies to the Elevator. Turning your back in Europe does not mean disrespect – on the contrary, this way you clearly demonstrate that you do not encroach on the personal space of your neighbor.

Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze is good manners. What hand do you use to do this? Right? Not correct. The right hand is designed for handshakes, gestures and air kisses, and cover your mouth, adjust your clothes and scratch if necessary (everything happens) with the left hand. The meaning, I think, is clear, we are talking about a public place, the right hand can always be needed for a handshake or suddenly have to hold a tripping lady by the elbow.

Every person who has reached the age of 12 is supposed to be addressed as “you”. It’s disgusting to hear people say ” you ” to waiters or drivers. Even people you know well are better addressed as “you” in the office, or “you” only in private. The exception is if you are a peer or close friend. How do I react if the other person is persistently “poking” you? Ask again first: “Excuse me, are you addressing me?” Otherwise, a neutral shrug: “I’m sorry, but we didn’t switch to ‘you’.

The most honorable place in the car is considered to be behind the driver’s back. This is where the woman sits down, the man is placed next to her and opens the door and gives the lady a hand. If a man is also a driver, the process of loading and unloading a lady does not change significantly. In any case, it is etiquette for a woman to open the door and offer her hand.

To be continued…

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