I suggest that you feel like graduates today and pass an elegant state exam.
By the way, do you also think that schools should introduce the discipline “Etiquette”into the mandatory educational program? I am!
These seemingly elementary questions should not mislead you , but forewarned means armed!
So let’s get started.

One of the items that always accompanies us is a bag . I think many people will agree with me that sometimes we don’t know where to put it and often we don’t do it very elegantly .
Where do I put the purse or clutch that you brought to the restaurant?
In any case, you can not put the bag on the table (as well as the phone) or hang it on the back of a chair (this is unsafe and inconvenient), as many fashionistas often do. In polite society, it is placed behind the back on a chair or, if it is very large, on the floor.
Of course, if the restaurant kindly provides a special stand for the bag -this is the best option.

Probably all my mother as a child said: “Get your elbows off the table ! This is indecent!” Indeed, according to the rules of etiquette, this is not allowed, so as not to accidentally push a neighbor, not to knock down a plate or glass and not get your sleeve into the food. And this rule does not stop working when the meal is held at a large table and everyone feels free and the probability of overturning the dishes is very small.
But still, some people sitting at the table are allowed to put their elbows on the table . I wonder who got this honor?

According to the rules of etiquette, only married women can put their elbows on the table during lunch or dinner. This is done, of course, in order to flash all their rings and show the status of “married” . But this does not mean that the elbows can be kept constantly on the table, but only hold them for a couple of seconds.
So if you like to put your elbows on the table, to avoid comments, rather go outside . So the wedding ring will be useful.

Dear Ladies, let’s imagine that you came to a business meeting or just on a date in a cafe, and you were served a Cup with a tea bag .
How to elegantly perform all the manipulations with it ?
There are answer options that do not fit on the image
– remember that you want coffee;
– squeeze the bag and put it in your pocket ;
– continue to drink tea without removing the bag from the Cup.

I hope these answers made you smile).
So, the ideal option is to ask the waiter to bring an extra plate under the tea bag. If this is not possible, proceed to plan B or option 2.

Do not put your smartphone on a table in public places. By doing this, you show how important the communication device is in your life and how much you are not interested in the annoying chatter going on nearby. At any moment, you are ready to leave useless conversations and once again check your Instagram feed, answer an important call, or distract yourself to find out what fifteen new levels have come to Angry Birds.

Put your phone on silent mode and put it in your purse.
If you are expecting a very important call, notify the other person and ask for their permission to answer if they call during your conversation.

You can often meet men who walk with the lady of their heart and carry her purse. To find out how acceptable this is, you should refer to the rules of etiquette. They say unequivocally that the representative of the stronger sex does not need to carry a women’s bag, since it is an accessory chosen for the image, so it is assumed that it will not be heavy or uncomfortable. Girls who ask young people to wear their decorative clutches are doing an ugly thing.

But here there is a nuance-what if the purse is quite large and fully loaded? In The” encyclopedia of etiquette ” (V. I. Yuzhin), it is indicated that a woman of any age should be helped to carry massive bags and large items. How right the lady is, choosing a voluminous accessory and loading it with purchases-it’s better to find out at home, but the heaviness still help to convey. The next time to fold purchases, it is better to take a shopping bag from home , then the man will not have to face an inconvenient choice.
Memorize :
A man never carries a woman’s bag. And the only reason he takes a woman’s coat is to carry it to the locker room.

Many people like to be praised. They are happy to listen to flattering words, and their glowing face literally says: “Let’s do it again.” Most likely, in response to a compliment, they will begin to excitedly brag about how many more things they have bought or invented.
But there are other people who find it difficult to deal with compliments and praise. They can get annoyed, upset, disbelieve, and simply hate themselves, the speaker, and the subject of conversation at this moment.
Someone can’t find the words to respond to a compliment. Someone immediately begins to tell that in fact he managed to snatch this thing on the cheap at a sale — as if ashamed of their real merits.
Recognize yourself?

In fact, there are few possible responses to compliments. More precisely, there is only one option that looks dignified and confident: you just need to smile, try to look into your eyes and say thank you, then shut up. This is the most important thing. Don’t say anything else!

Dear Ladies, remember these simple rules and be elegant excellent students!

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