Clarifies the rules for the submission by a foreigner of a notification confirming his or her residence in the Russian Federation


Recent amendments introduced by the Russian government, set forth in Government Decree No. 370 of March 23, 2024, clarify the procedures that foreign nationals must follow to confirm their residence in the Russian Federation. These changes aim to simplify the process and make it accessible through various methods of submission.

The main changes for temporary residents:

Those temporarily residing in Russia can now submit notifications on confirmation of residence directly to a territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in person or electronically. In addition, they may submit documents through an authorized federal state unitary enterprise subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs located in certain constituent entities of Russia, or through an authorized organization in Moscow that assists the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Procedure for permanent residents:

Permanent residents are also required to submit notifications to the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This can be done either directly, or through a subordinate enterprise, or through an authorized organization at the place of their registered residence. For those who do not have a registered place of residence, filing must be done at the place of stay. Documents may also be submitted by post with return receipt or electronically.

These amendments are intended to make sure that the process of confirming residence status is more organized and can be conducted more efficiently by providing clear guidelines for both temporary and permanent foreign nationals residing in Russia. The inclusion of the ability to file documents electronically reflects the ongoing transition to digital governance, facilitating compliance and minimizing the need for physical interaction, which is particularly useful for improving bureaucratic efficiency and reducing queues and waiting times.


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