Business support

Organization of public events “turn key”.


The organization of public events is an area in which we have achieved excellent results. During our work we have successfully implemented events of various topics and scale: from round tables and seminars to international forums and exhibitions.

The organization of each event is a separate project, the management of which includes a detailed study of the concept, creative ideas, design solutions for external design and printing materials, technical specifications, budgeting, control over the process of project execution, reporting, analysis of results. Our experience and partnerships allow us to select the best venues for our Clients ‘ events.

The mission of “International women’s Union” is to hold and organize exhibition, business and PR events at the highest level, leaving only the most positive impressions and realizing all the goals of the Client, to find a solution for success.

We take responsibility for solving organizational, technical and marketing tasks during the preparation and holding of the event. In solving the problem of organization of the event, we use modern technology and experience, ensuring the proper level.

We believe that these partners share the risks and rewards. Therefore, our customers get perfection in everything. We are focused on results and expect the event to be effective.

We enjoy working with our clients in an open, collaborative and consultative manner. We make every effort to understand the needs of our business customers and the market, to truly understand who they are, what they do and what they value. We are able to provide a service that exceeds their expectations, achieves the goal and gives a return on investment.


Information and image support.

Image component of any company is very important in the work regardless of status.

Organizations of different directions are fighting hard for the right to be the first in the market of goods and services.

In today’s dynamic world, some tools stop working.

Marketing mix is the key to success! An integrated approach allows you to solve the problems of Your business as efficiently and quickly as possible.

We offer You special information and image support from one reliable contractor.

What do we do?

  • Interaction with administrative authorities
  • The first PR consulting individuals and companies
  • Production and website promotion
  • External PR service
  • Internet PR
  • Concept development
  • Making a presentation
  • Development of Commercial proposals
  • Organizational design
  • Work in social networks.