Studio of modern weaving at the Festival “By the hands of a woman”

We present to your attention a participant of the International Festival of NHP and crafts “By the hands of a woman”.
Shishkoedova Olga Sergeevna-Chelyabinsk.
Participates with the support of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund of the Chelyabinsk region – “My Business”.
Briefly about yourself:
“At the moment I am the head of the studio of modern weaving “Tkem”, Chelyabinsk. The purpose of my activity is to popularize the techniques of hand weaving and spinning, to create practical products for modern life. I independently develop and make tools for weaving, which will help novice craftswomen to comprehend the basics of the craft. I have been working for 10 years, but I am constantly looking for new ideas, forms, unexpected solutions.”
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