Strictly on business!

Topic “Business etiquette” to Anne of Koskinou. #iwu_business_etiquette

Today, business wear is more confusing than ever before, and achieving the perfect balance of professionalism and style can be a challenge. According to experts ‘ observations, appearance is often the decisive factor in the successful outcome of a business meeting. So the first rule is: a well-groomed face, a neat hairstyle and manicure, expensive shoes and proper clothing.

Official business style is the official dress code for many offices and corporate events. It denotes a professional style of clothing that seems smart and sophisticated. Men usually require a suit, but women can interpret business style differently.

Business style rules for women:
– The basis of the wardrobe should be classic suits, shirts, business dresses, pencil skirts and trousers.
– Stick to a neutral color palette and add drawings and other shades only when appropriate.
– Make sure that the clothes fit well and look professional.
– Make sure that your items are clean, well-ironed and there are no stains, prints or tears on them.
– Wear a minimum of jewelry, choose a structured bag and elegant shoes with a closed toe.

Officially business clothing for women.
⚫️ Trousers.
Business trousers for women come in various types, including straight, cropped and “cigarettes”. When choosing them, take into account your physique and choose the style that is most suitable. Also remember about the length — if the trousers are too long, give them to the tailor, and do not turn them up. As for color, neutral shades such as black, dark blue, and gray are ideal.

⚫ This skirt.
In business style, the length of the skirt is crucial. Ideally, your skirt should end at or below your knees. Also make sure that it does not rise too high and you are comfortable sitting in it. The best choice is pencil skirts, but A-shaped skirts can also look perfect.
Remember the tricky rule about the ideal skirt length: “Two fingers below the knee or two fingers above the knee.”

Рубашки shirts and blouses.
You can’t go wrong if you choose a button-down shirt for work. Not only do they create a professional look, they are also available in a variety of materials and colors and are suitable for any business occasion. Choosing shirts, give preference to classic light models that will become the basis of the wardrobe. Then dilute them with soft tones or deep shades for less formal occasions. Pastel shades will look great: blue, pearl gray, champagne, ivory.

⚫ This dress.
Business dresses should fit well, but not be too tight. For dresses, length is important — they should end at the knees or below and not be too provocative (the same rules apply as with a skirt). While dresses with short (3/4, 7/8) and long sleeves are more suitable for a business environment, sleeveless styles can also be suitable if you combine them with a shirt at the bottom or a jacket at the top.
Exclude bare hands.

⚫ This costumes.
Whether it’s trousers or a skirt, a classic business suit is a great option for women working in a formal environment. When choosing a costume, it is better to stay simple and choose neutral colors , simple but high-quality fabrics and almost no jewelry or decorative details. Then all you have to do is add a business shirt/blouse, pumps, brooch and your stylish and elegant look is ready.

⚫ This shoes.
A business suit (namely, a formal dress code) must be supplemented with shoes exclusively with a closed toe. The shape of the Cape changes with fashion, but if you choose the most classic option, it will be shoes with a rounded or narrow Cape. Models with open fingers are not welcome,but summer models may have an open back.
Women’s office shoes are laconic cut and shape geometry. You can combine two colors (for example, beige and gray, or black and blue). Acceptable restrained accessories, which are more of an elegant addition, but not an accent.
Stable heel – no more than 7 cm.
In addition to the usual black, shoes can be Bordeaux, dark blue, dark gray, chocolate or Nude.


⚫ This tights.
Mandatory 5-8 den, as close as possible to the color of your skin.

⚫ This light makeup , carefully collected hair.

⚫ This accessories.
Only strict, calm, appropriate office mood. No large, original or ethnic items – just jewelry and moderation in other details.

⚫️ Perfum.
Classic style in women’s clothing is complemented by light scents. They should only be guessed, and not shock others with an intense plume.

Business classic style in women’s clothing imposes very significant restrictions. The taboo category includes:
cleavage – a deep neckline is inappropriate in an office environment; slits – what is good in an evening dress, does not look good in an environment of colleagues;
low fit-looks impressive, but does not emphasize women’s business skills;
tight solutions-even the modern classic style of clothing does not allow;

rhinestones, lace, ruffles-good only for romantic dates;
transparent fabrics – overly explicit;
open shoes-excluded when the office business style of clothing for women is selected.