Secrets of rhinoplasty from plastic surgeon John Jin Wook from South Korea. For a high-quality result, it is important to trust highly qualified specialists.

There is a huge amount of information about rhinoplasty on the Internet. Often women, having read and immersed themselves in all this, are afraid to perform surgery to correct the shape of the nose, even if there are medical indications for this.

I asked plastic surgeon John Jin Wook from the South Korean clinic View Plastic Surgery to objectively answer important questions about rhinoplasty.

“Good day! I am a practicing surgeon with many years of experience and at the request of our partners from the Russian medical tourism company Atlas of Health, I will tell you the most important things to know about rhinoplasty. I know that different sites contain a lot of information that is not always presented correctly, so I will be as objective as possible.

So, rhinoplasty is one of the most, if I may say so, popular operations. 8 out of 10 patients who come to us have a hump on the nose. The nose most often attracts attention, since it occupies a Central place on the face, rarely is a woman not picky about her appearance. Once a surgeon said that the nose should not be conspicuous, but if there are defects, it is simply impossible. This is why many of the patients I operated on had low self-esteem, which was evident even in the course of conversations with them.

More than 80% of my patients use rhinoplasty to solve only aesthetic problems. Simply put, they want to make their nose beautiful. Far fewer people apply for medical reasons, in particular because of a curved nasal septum, and, as a result, difficult breathing.

I do not recommend surgery for young people under 18 years of age, when the formation of cartilage tissue has not completely ended. The exception is those who need it for medical reasons. For example, due to birth defects or injuries.

I should immediately note that the standard contraindications to rhinoplasty are exacerbation of chronic diseases, diabetes, heart rhythm disorders, and hypertension.

I can not say that rhinoplasty is a simple operation, it is important to choose a high-class specialist, because any inaccuracies will be visible, as they say, on the face. It is important to understand that we can not endlessly redo the nose, because the main reason is that repeated surgical interventions disrupt the nutrition of tissues, scarring may occur. It is better to do it once and for all.

We perform various types of operations: from the simplest-lifting the tip of the nose to complex reconstructive operations, when it is necessary to restore the anatomical structure of the nose. We perform both closed (incision inside the nose) and open operations. It all depends on the specific situation, so the level of injury can vary greatly. We have experienced anesthesiologists, so you do not need to be afraid of General anesthesia.

Before the operation, in addition to standard tests, you need to perform fluorography, ECG, and tomography of the paranasal sinuses. Do not take medications that prevent blood clotting – this is an important requirement. In any case, regardless of the complexity of the operation, you do not need to worry.

Psychologically, you need to prepare for the fact that after the operation, the process of waiting for results will be quite uncomfortable:

It is important to regularly apply a cooling mask to the site of surgery (on the area around the nose and on the forehead).
Postoperative edema usually increases within 2-3 days, after which it begins to gradually decrease. The rate of decline of edema is individual.
After 1-3 days, you must come to the clinic for a check-up appointment. The doctor will tell you the date of the control appointment individually.
On the 7th day after the operation, stitches and patches are removed, and the nose is peeled.
You can wash your face completely only after removing the seams.
Only after 6 months will the final result be visible, but, to clarify, the recovery period depends on the complexity of the operation.

My advice to dear women: do not stand with a ruler near the mirror after removing the bandage and carefully measure the proportions of the nose. Often, asymmetry is a figment of the imagination. Psychologically, a woman adjusts herself to the fact that after rhinoplasty, the nose will be perfect. But, first of all, there are no absolute standards of beauty. Secondly, not every face shape match classic rules of the size of the nose. Rhinoplasty is a jewelry work individually for each patient. I assure you, every inch removed can dramatically change the visual perception of your nose.

After rhinoplasty, no physical activity, thermal procedures, you can not sunbathe, wear glasses. And take care of your health, so as not to catch a cold.

Once again, it is extremely important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon. Women come to me after not quite successful rhinoplasty. Sometimes they didn’t know exactly what they wanted, but they decided to have the operation. I discuss the future results of rhinoplasty in detail with my patients.

I wish you to be healthy and beautiful!”

Be young and beautiful!

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