Head of the “Reputation Image” department

We present to your attention the Head of the “Reputation Image” direction of the “International Women’s Union” within the Department of Education and Advanced Training –   Anastasia Perevalova. 

Anastasia  Perevalova:

  • Reputation Image Expert
  •  Teacher of modern etiquette
  • Kinetic Analyst
  • A public speaking coach
  • Lecturer of Modern Etiquette at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
  • The creator of the online school “Academy of Noble People”. The number of students is more than 10,000
  • Author of master classes, marathons and courses for women and men
  • Coach in posture, gait, non-verbal communication for women
  • Voice and Public Speaking Coach
  • Personal Brand Coach
  • Member of the Association of Etiquette Specialists
  • Member of the international community of etiquette consultants
  • Member of the International Women’s Union
  • Invited expert of the first channel
  • Master of the business game “Personal brand. Activation” by Maria Azarenok
  • A blogger. More than 500,000 subscribers on social networks

Анастасия – автор программы «Репутационный имидж эксперта», которая включает в себя:

  1. Working on the image of an expert, that is, creating a first impression based on his reputational vision through important tools:
  • kinetic intelligence (working with posture, gait, gestures, postures, facial expressions, that is, on the non-verbal communication of the expert)
  • habitar image (appearance of the expert)
  • verbal image (working on voice and speech)

2. Work on the reputation of an expert, that is, identifying the individual characteristics of an expert, developing his own brand album, revealing values and qualities, pumping flexible skills, including studying all types of etiquette that raise the status, reputation and income of an expert, working with positioning in social networks.

Anastasia’s media library:

  • Invited expert of Channel 1
  • An expert on News.ru – online media
  • Participation as an expert in the TV3 channel broadcast
  • Invited expert on OTP
  • The etiquette column on the TV channel

We wish Anastasia fruitful work in our team!

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