Head of the direction of “Career guidance and personal development”

We Present To Your Attention Ekaterina Schatz, Head of the direction of “Career Guidance and Personal Development” of the International Women’s Union

  • Personal image maker, image blogger (LEAGUE of Professional Image Makers of Russia in Moscow)
  • Certified coach of ICF RSS (Coaching UP- International University of Coaching Development)
  • Certified expert with licensed psychometric test methods based on Jungian personality typology (Laboratory “Humanitarian Technologies” Moscow)
  • Graduated from the professional program “Personality Typology of MBTI” and “School of eniostyle”
    EUROPEAN Psychology School (Comprehensive training program for psychologists and MBR, Psychologist using the TMS method (transformation of mental states)
  • Graduate of Seda Kasparova’s Voice and Speech Image Design School “Voice Can 5.0”)
  • Member of the CIS Speakers Association
  • Higher legal education (Tashkent State Law Institute 2009)
  •  Entrepreneur. Founder of the women’s clothing brand “Katerina Shats”

Ekaterina helps women to create an inner support, create their own individual path of development, unlock the potential of their resources, how to use them, as well as identify the external DNA and connect with the internal.
Thanks to 7 years of experience, she combined scientific test methods, neuroimaging, psychology
TMS and coaching into a single integrated system.
Personal growth (transformation of personality leading to positive changes, transition to a new level of thinking, perception, etc., expansion and flexibility of personality);
Self-knowledge (development of flexible skills, recognition of one’s needs, ability to be in touch with oneself, congruence);
Speaker of the International conference in Dubai
Speaker of the forum “FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN”, organized with the support of the American Center at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow

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