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Today’s topic: “Is it possible to break the laws?”

I want to talk about “higher” matters. I’ll try to say it in simple words, as I can. Although, today it is not easy. The topic plan is as follows.

What is it about?

Who pays for what with what, and whether it is possible to break the laws. I now mean not so much and only our earthly human laws, but the Universal laws related to natural phenomena, the law of cause and effect, the law of balance, and so on.

I had a conversation with a girl today about what is very important to her in her relations with life and death, in relations with relatives. And we went so far as to argue that when something is very important, then you can break a certain morality, and more serious laws, too. Yes, I confirm, you can.

If you have not encountered such questions, then, perhaps, my reasoning today will not be relevant to you. These are questions of choosing between personal happiness and the life of another person, between “saving” and letting go and at the same time loving, experiencing pain from the inability to change something, but not influencing the choice of another, and so on. The topic is ethically complex. Not really for a “social media group”. But what to do, this is not a blog, but an advertising company. I write about what I have, what I care about.

So, when a loved one is fighting for life, there is a line of participation in this process. He certainly needs our love, our concern, our physical help, but can we ask for more? Can we ask him to stay alive for our sake or against any laws? We can. No one can forbid us any of our desires. And sometimes you can break some laws. Everything is so. But we pay for everything. We also pay for the right to violate something and ask for more. This is the law of balance. He is present in everything and always. It has not been canceled. Even if we really want to, it will not disappear.

What do we pay with? We pay, most likely. our personal happiness, or rather, we will not have something that can bring us joy, pleasure, a sense of gratitude for life, a deep understanding that our life is important to us first of all.

And now attention, when we fulfill our desires that are not related to other people, absolutely not related to other people, absolutely not related to other people, and I want to repeat it again and again, because most of us have no idea what it is.

This is, for example, to sing then and as you want, to say the words that you want to say, and so on. To be with the person you want to be with, not to be with the person you don’t want to be with.

In general, it is important that the fulfillment of this desire brings joy, relief and comfort to the soul. Not euphoria, but a certain sense of relaxation, an inner buzz. This is the feeling that you are at peace with yourself, there is no internal conflict, compromise or, which is quite difficult, betrayal.

We, too, at this moment pay to the world, to God, whatever you want to call it, because when we receive, we usually feel a sense of gratitude to ourselves and the world for the opportunity to fulfill our desire. But only in this case, we absolutely do not spend energy, we acquire it, it becomes more. There is a sense of freedom. Understanding that if I can do it, I can do everything else. And I don’t need to rely on anyone or expect anything for that. I and the world around me are enough. And no restrictions.

I’m not sure that I write clearly, but something today is no different.
Apparently, we’ll have to continue the topic next time .
And maybe you shouldn’t think about it? What do you say?”

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