Russia – Italy. International Womens Union – Association “Humanity inside the war”.Reliable partnership!!!

A working trip of the Russian delegation to Italy took place from 18 to 20 December. The delegation included:

General Director of the Foundation “Zur” Art – Shakirzjanov Marat ildusovich

Technical Director of the Zur Art Foundation-Artur Selimov

President of the international Womens Union  – Alfiya Amirova

The host party is the Association “Humanity inside the war” represented by the founder and Founder of the Association, Professor Paulo Pascalo.

On December 18, a working meeting was held at the office of the Association “Humanity inside the war”, where they discussed issues of further cooperation. At the meeting, Professor Paulo Pascalo presented official documents stating that the Zur Art Foundation represented by General Director M. I. Shakirzyanov and President of the international Womens Union -Amirova A. R. are Honorary members and partners Of the Association “Humanity inside the war”.

During the trip, a number of meetings were held with the mayors of Italian cities (Udine, Medea, Gemona, etc.), with the Faculty of the University of Udine, with representatives of the anti-fascist movement in Italy and The Director of the UNESCO office in Udine.

We visited the Redipulya War memorial dedicated to the fallen soldiers of Italy and the “Queen of Peace” Church and visited the memorial dedicated to the dead journalists in the hot spots of Gorizia.


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