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When recruiting staff, various systems for analyzing the applicant’s personality are often used. And sometimes choosing a candidate for a position is a time-consuming and responsible task. I will share some of my thoughts on this topic.

No system, even the most complete and accurate, can give us one hundred percent answers to all questions, if we do not approach the problem creatively. More precisely, not even so, life will ask us more and more different and unique questions in order for us to develop and develop the knowledge with which we work. I can really answer any question if I want to, and so can you.



I want to talk about “higher” matters. I’ll try to say it in simple words, as I can. Although, today it is not easy. The topic plan is as follows.

What is it about?

Who pays for what with what, and whether it is possible to break the laws. I now mean not so much and only our earthly human laws, but the Universal laws related to natural phenomena, the law of cause and effect, the law of balance, and so on.

I had a conversation with a girl today about what is very important to her in her relations with life and death, in relations with relatives. And we went so far as to argue that when something is very important, then you can break a certain morality, and more serious laws, too. Yes, I confirm, you can.


16.12.2020 THE VALUE OF SELF

Recently, I often talk within myself about the value of myself and in general about the value of a person. In our time, it seems to me, many accents are shifting in connection with the pursuit of external achievements (although, perhaps, it has always been so – the unity and struggle of opposites, material and spiritual values – a philosophical question of our time). But since my work is connected with people, for me the most interesting and important thing in life is people, i.e. a specific person with whom I communicate, do some things. So, what did I come to in my reasoning:

1. First of all, you need to value yourself, because value comes from within, it is impossible to respect, love, appreciate another if there is no quality, feeling inside yourself.



If you look from the bottom, any leadership looks like suppression. A person moves from leader to leader and always remains in the position of “I am not the main one here, nothing depends on me”. It is necessary to disconnect a little from any opinion and ask: what do I want myself? And to go out, or rather, to be ready to go out into the open field, where there is no one but the wind, the field and the sun, to be ready to be alone in your endeavor. This is the beginning of your journey. While the teachers are leading – this is the beginning, understanding, “kindergarten”.


25.11.2020 “How to make a person your own or What are close people?”

A few years ago, I had an amazing metamorphosis. As a result of exploring yourself and allowing yourself to be as you are at the moment. As a result of the fact that I learned to smile at difficulties and make sure that they do not affect my mood. I saw that often when I talk to a person, to anyone: just a passerby, or to a conductor on a train, or at a bus stop, or to a taxi driver, the person turns on me completely, completely, and looks at me with interest and willingness to communicate. It turns on almost 100%.

At first I was surprised, then gradually I began to understand what exactly people like.


16.11.2020 The main function of a manager is to formulate an idea.

For the sake of which the whole enterprise lives and develops. Without this simple understanding, no ship can go anywhere. We need a beacon, a direction. And it does not work there is no substitute.
The fact is that any enterprise is a projection of the person who created it. Whether managers like it or not. And everything that happens at the firm and in the company is directly related to the person’s personality-the idea of the carrier. His way of thinking, desires, personal goals are the starting point in the development of the whole business. And here it is impossible to deceive someone. The enterprise will reflect the honest essence. It would seem that everything should be simple. Understand what I want to do and actively do it. But that was not the case.

I will tell you a case from practice. I have a friend who has been living and working in Moscow for many years.