International Festival of arts and crafts “By hands of a women”

Festival “By hands of a women” is a festival of decorative arts, Ethnography, folk crafts, Handmade, shows Etemadi, photo exhibitions, concerts of folklore collectives.

As part of the 2nd International festival of arts and crafts “Hands of women” participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their products as part of the cultural heritage, to offer their services, technologies, to get acquainted with the quality of the products offered, as well as to obtain the necessary information and advice.

The festival is attended by artists, masters of arts and crafts, folk art, Handmade masters , designers, representatives of other creative directions.

The platform in Moscow is an excellent opportunity for the authors to develop a creative career, improve their professional status, promote their creativity in the Russian and international cultural space.

International forum-exhibition”By hands of a women”

The International forum-exhibition“By  hands of a women” advances leadership across careers, cultures and continents by connecting the world’s most preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement.

The International forum-exhibition “By  hands of a women” brings together an unprecedented global membership to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote women, women entrepreneurs  and better lidership for a changing world

The International forum-exhibition “By  hands of a women” provides a platform for womens, leaders to meet among their peers in an environment where meaningful partnerships and friendships can grow and form


  • We encourage you to make this your year to grow relationships so you can experience the personal and professional benefits of participating in our forum-exhibition “By hands of a woman“. Sometimes all we need is a boost of energy and positive reinforcement to help us get through life’s challenges. It is important to have people we respect remind us of our strengths and give us air cover in times of need. Sometimes we just need people who will share their experience to have our backs and give us a leg up in reaching our career milestones.

Presentation of women’s business and women’s organizations of foreign countries in Russia.


Women’s international cooperation is an active contribution to the development of all levels of international women’s business in Russia, the improvement of material well-being, the formation of a professional business environment, which ultimately is a significant contribution to the formation of a civilized, socially responsible women’s business.


International Social Brand Awareness Marketing Agency (Marketing Agency ISBA

International Agency of social marketing “ISBA” — carries out social marketing and international communications.

ISBA Marketing Agency is an Agency created by professionals in the field of management consulting, Analytics and political technologies, advertising and public relations, production and implementation of event events.

International competition “Image of mother and children in national costumes of the peoples of the world”

International contest “the image of the mother and children in national costumes of the peoples of the world”allows you to show the national character of the peoples of the world through the expression of diversity of culture of the nation through the national costume, with the help of the works of talented photographers.

The international photo contest “the Image of mother and children in national costumes of different peoples of the world” implies the selection of the best works, organization and holding of an exclusive exhibition in Russia, Italy, France and other countries.

International children’s photo contest”Plunge into a fairy tale!”


International children’s photographic competition “Plunge into a fairy tale”, which allows to show the national color of the countries through the expression of the diversity of culture of the nation through the images of fairy-tale characters and characters from folk tales, embodied by the talented work of children’s photo artist and children from 5 to 15 years.