To tame the brooch.

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It is difficult to find a more aristocratic accessory than a brooch.
In truth, the brooch is the Queen in the realm of jewelry!

The story of the brooch’s triumph as a decoration is as romantic and interesting as the brooch itself.
Few people know that in the middle Ages, brooches were used as some “secret” signs. It first happened in the 12th century at the court of the French king Louis XLV. One of the ladies of the court (a certain Madame de Sauvigny) once showed imagination and decorated her magnificent wardrobe with an elegant precious flower on her shoulder. It was a special, secret sign – a kind of “beacon” that transmits very important information to a high-ranking gentleman. Such signs Madame de Sauvigny began to use regularly, as a means of transmitting secret information. For example, if the lady was ready to receive a secret guest, he received from her a certain sign that they had agreed on beforehand. The diamond brooch on her right shoulder meant Yes, and the delicate ruby-studded jewelry pinned to her ample cleavage meant “not today.” A lovely brooch with lilies “appointed” a meeting in the garden, and a delicate amethyst violet symbolized a meeting in the private chambers of the lady. The French courts have become famous in history for their endless cycle of love intrigues and political conspiracies, in which not only representatives of the nobility, but also the monarchs were involved.

It happened that brooches were passed through trusted persons as a secret message, telling a person very important information.

Types of brooches
Today there are three main types of fastening method:
– Pins. They serve just for fixing tissues, in some cases they are inserted into the hair.

– Spine. Traditionally, this is a very long needle, at the back end of which there is a decorative element decorated with a scattering of stones.

– The pin. This is the most common and familiar type for most people. Such brooches are fixed on clothes, shoes, bags, hats, etc.

It is noteworthy that a few decades ago, brooches were considered almost forgotten type of jewelry, and only a couple of years ago, this direction began to revive with a new force.

Interior brooch-beauty Queens objectively need a Royal interior. An interior brooch is an ideal decoration element for creating a truly luxurious interior.
A small, but very precise stroke. These can be absolutely any brooches made in any style from any materials.

Today brooches have the most unexpected types of fastening and that’s not all!

1. on the shoulder
2. in the chest and decolletage area
3. on the collar
4. on the sleeve
5. on the shoulder strap
6. on the belt
7. on the hip
8. on the hair
9. on the hat
10. under the throat
11. on a scarf or stole
12. on the fur collar
13. on top of clothing
14. on the wrist
15. on shoes
16. on the bag
17. on the clutch
18. on a chain (as a pendant).

Brooches in “unexpected places” – on the waist, on the hip are used to favorably emphasize the beauty and most importantly – the slimness of the figure. A small and neat brooch will look very original….under the breast. This unexpected composition looks insanely sexy, but only on a perfect figure!

Large ladies with curvy forms are recommended to wear brooches on the upper chest, on the shoulder, on the hat, and in no case on the belt. Such a luxurious decoration will draw attention to the extra pounds and can give the image a comical look.

Some rules for wearing a brooch:
1. the design of the brooch should echo the design of the bag, shoes and other accessories;
2. the brooch should never be the same color as the clothes! This decoration is an accent, it can be “lost” against the background of the wardrobe ” tone to tone»;
3.” lost ” brooch and on the dress, decorated with a lot of shiny details. It’s just not appropriate here;
4. it is not recommended to wear a brooch with beads or a necklace (unless they are included);
5. the brighter and larger the brooch, the simpler and stricter your outfit should be.

Brooch just “will not tolerate” next to a necklace, beads, and even a gilded chain located somewhere nearby-it will always seem superfluous. Also, the brooch is not very well combined with clothes with shiny buttons and sequins.
And all because the brooch is a Royal accessory!
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