Representative of the international Women’s Union in Turkmenistan

We are pleased to introduce you to the official representative of the International Women’s Union in Turkmenistan ( Ashgabat) -SHEKERA AKINIYAZOVA
Architect, member of the Union of architects of Turkmenistan, designer.

My profession as an architect and the knowledge I gained gave me the opportunity to engage in any type of design on a professional level. These are interior design, clothing and accessories design, painting and art photography. In all my works, I focus on our Turkmen embroidery, which inspires me to create.

Teacher of The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs OF Turkmenistan “Business School”. Course “design work and interior design”.

I participate in International fairs and Festivals, where I present products made by myself and our women in the Turkmen national style. The Turkmen woman of the third Millennium has preserved the best traditions of national dress, which fits seamlessly into the modern format.

Also, as a fashion designer, participated in international FW. These are” Silk and Spices ” in Bukhara, folk art festival in Maskad (Oman), Aspara FW 9 (Taraz), Tajikistan FW, Marbella FW, Stockholm International Fair.

I am fond of photography and painting. She took part in exhibitions at the Union Of artists of Turkmenistan, in the conference hall of the UN office in Ashgabat, in the French Center in Ashgabat, participated in the competition from the German Embassy “Germany through the eyes of Turkmen people”. Participated in the photo Contest “The Humanity photo awards 2015″…….

Volunteer activity.

Author and Manager of several projects for working with children with disabilities under the small grants program to support local initiatives of the United States Embassy. Projects with children and teenagers with damage to the musculoskeletal system preparing an exhibition selling children’s drawings and crafts, photo lessons, followed by an exhibition and sale. A project from the European Central Bank with students in grades 9-10 in rural areas to introduce them to creativity. Organized presentations at the IRC at the American Embassy for visitors to the center. There are also several projects for the International Children’s Day, preparation of an exhibition of children’s drawings and crafts, photo lessons, etc.

Additional education, courses, internships, trainings : Business trainings from the UN and the Union of entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan in the MASHAV Center in Israel, Trainings from the SPR and PR of Turkmenistan trainings from the European development Bank, etc.

Environmental friendliness is essential the quality of all the products I create. I am a supporter of eco-Friendly clothing and conscious consumption. For me, it is very important that clothing meets the status of “eco – friendly”, when the brand takes responsibility for the clothing produced.Turkmenistan is a country rich in cotton, and local craftswomen produce silk fabrics “keteni” by hand on looms and then dye them with natural vegetable dyes. Over the years of independence, Turkmenistan has established the production of different varieties of velvet, which is in high demand in neighboring Muslim countries. The availability of local environmentally friendly raw materials makes it possible to reduce, or even eliminate, the use of imported raw materials for the production of clothing. Transportation costs are also reduced to a minimum, which significantly reduces environmental pollution.

I’m sure that you don’t need to be a genius to be creative, you just need to be yourself. And if You understand what your true desires are, it will automatically awaken the hidden creativity in you. If you, At some point, realized that creativity is something that You are ready to do all your life, which makes you Wake up and live with pleasure, then this is Your vocation and you can’t get away from it.

Create and Enjoy life!