On the beautiful lake Bries with Claudia Gaponova or where to walk after the quarantine!

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The natural beauty of Italy attracts tourists from all over the world. From high mountains with snow peaks, to white sandy beaches and perfectly clear water. Italy is a land of wonderful nature.

Today I will tell you about lake Bries – a small natural gem of Northern Italy in the Dolomites. It is 130 km from Innsbruck (Austria), 100 km from Bolzano (Italy) and about 400 km from Milan.

This is the most beautiful Alpine lake in the Italian province of Alto Adige. It has long won the hearts of lovers of mountain landscapes and photography. So photogenic, colorful, and somewhat mysterious. A walk along the lake and stop for a picnic is what a tired resident of a bustling city needs, especially now after the quarantine activities related to covid-19.

Lake Bries is the deepest lake in South Tyrol: 38 m deep. It is located in a cozy hollow at the foot of the mountain Croda del Becco at an altitude of 1500 m and is part of the national Park Fanes-Sennes e Braies.

The best time to visit it is considered summer, but the colors of the surrounding forests give an amazing charm to the lake at any time of the year. In winter, for example, the shores of the lake are covered with snow, and in the morning the clouds descend literally to the water.

In summer, of course, it is most comfortable to walk here, but few people bathe in the water. Even in summer, the water temperature rarely rises above +17 °C. However, this does not mean that the beaches are deserted, in summer there is no free space here.

To see the reflection of mountains in the mirror surface of the lake is the goal of many travelers and photographers. For tourists, Hiking routes and convenient paths are developed, there are specially equipped picnic areas, and boat rental costs 12 euros.

The walk around the lake will take about two hours. It is advisable to prepare and put on comfortable clothes and shoes, take a camera that will always be in your hands. Please note that the West Bank is wide and convenient for walking. It is on this side that there are special equipped picnic areas. In turn, the Eastern Bank is steep and narrow, there are many areas where you should be careful.


On the Western shore of lake Bries is a small chapel of the Holy Madonna; it was built in the early 20th century (1904). It is known that it was visited by the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, shortly before his assassination in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914.

Bryce lake is a wonderful place. I think it came off the postcards. Come here and enjoy the emerald clear water that reflects the sky and mountain peaks, clean mountain air and beautiful nature.




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