Congratulations on international family day!

Dear friends!

International women’s Union congratulates you on the International family day!
Family is the most important thing in everyone’s life. Only when we are close to our parents and children, close and distant relatives, do we feel happy. The family remains a strong Foundation for the well-being and stability of society, the basis for the successful development of the state.

For any person on Earth, family is as natural, unconditional and understandable value as life and freedom. The family is our first and most solid support, a haven that protects us from the storms and miseries of the world. In the family, we learn the most important things-love, responsibility, forgiveness, and mutual respect. And, creating our own family, we pass the exam for mental maturity.

The family’s habits of caring for children, respect for elders, and continuity of generations become traditions that support a healthy, stable society and a powerful and prosperous country.

We sincerely wish you, dear friends, great family happiness, health and joy to you and your loved ones! Let no winds can extinguish the flames of your home, let no troubles separate you from your loved ones, and let true love and warmth, which only family gives, accompany you all your life!


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