Palekh. From the village-folk Academy to Palekh Watch.

Real art remains relevant through the ages. It is this characteristic that is applicable to the Palekh painting – one of the most famous types of ancient Russian painting. Since the 17th century , the areas of application of Palekh painting have varied: at first, she decorated the monumental walls of cathedrals and painted the bright faces of icons, then transformed into a lacquer miniature and became the best diplomatic gift of the USSR.

And in 2020, this painting, grasping its legendary technique and traditions, was picked up by Anna Nesterova, creating the Russian watch house Palekh Watch.

This watch combines ultra-precise Swiss and Japanese mechanisms with native Russian art, continuing the tradition of painting, which is more than four hundred years old. On their dials, the paintings of Russian life are recreated by the hands of craftsmen from the village of Palekh: village amusements, fairy tales, alluring nature. A living person works to create each pair of watches: a descendant of the ancient Palekh icon painters or a disciple of the great masters.

Palekh Watch is not only hand–painted. Each copy of the watch is completely assembled by hand, and, in addition, painting tools are made independently. The paint – egg tempera – is used only fresh, mixed day after day. For the fineness of the lines, squirrel brushes are taken, which they knit themselves. Gold leaf is also prepared independently. Several people are engaged in embroidery of special leather straps.

The traditions of the Palekh painting in this watch are fully preserved. A miniature, petty letter that gives birth to real stories raging under the glass under a magnifying glass: the battle of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King, a Jumping Fireball pointing to the prospector for gold, a date in a blooming summer garden. Highlighting the main elements of the painting in gold and silver, which create a radiance that refers us to divine grace. A limited number of masters who are able to write an image in this technique.

Each nugget of Palekh Watch exists in one copy. The artist indicates the number of the painting on the image, puts his signature, marks the year. Three large groups of customers would potentially be interested in such watches: a) admirers of author’s products, b) connoisseurs of history and culture, c) connoisseurs of painting. The brand also offers customization of watches, creation of any images in the Palekh technique to the taste of the customer, personalization of the strap, as well as a full range of watch care services.

True art always lives, Palekh painting also lives and develops. From icons to lacquer boxes, from miniatures to modern and accurate watches. What kind of incarnation Palekh will receive in the future remains a mystery. In the meantime, everyone gets the opportunity to perpetuate for themselves a particle of Ancient Russia. And give her the warmth of your heart.

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