Official member of AFAEMME

Go ahead! We are pleased to announce that the “International Womens Union ” has become an official member of AFAEMME, and was accepted as a member of the collective work Of the Association of organizations of women Entrepreneurs of the Mediterranean at the General Assembly in Barcelona on November 22, 2019.

“We welcome You to our organization, with the belief that mutual cooperation and participation will lead to better economic empowerment of women …”,- President of AFAEMME Неlena de Felipe


AFAEMME is a Federation of Mediterranean associations of business women, established in 2002 in Barcelona (Spain). AFAEMME currently brings together 65 business women’s organizations from 24 Mediterranean countries. AFAEMME is the coordinator of Euro-Mediterranean projects on business and gender equality and innovative research, a network platform for business women and women entrepreneurs in the Euro-Mediterranean region and a lobbyist for strengthening gender equality and facilitating women’s access to leadership positions in the economy .

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