Careful, rude man !

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There is a decent way out of situations where you are intentionally insulted or offended. There are many ways to put a person in their place without resorting to open rudeness. It is worth getting acquainted with them, so as not to be like ill-mannered boors.

1. Keep calm.

Keep yourself in control, do not allow yourself violent reactions and humiliating excuses. The speech is calm, relaxed and at the same time clear and firm. This will discourage your opponent and make it impossible for them to play on your emotions.
If you get out of balance, you lose.

2. Try to understand
Take a position of patronizing condescension, putting yourself in his place. Now you can ask questions that will cool his ardor: pay attention to the reasons for the aggression, to its senselessness, to the fact that it is not relevant to the essence of the case.
Example: “Have you had a difficult day?”, “Do you want to offend me? And why?”, “What else is on your mind?”, “Why do you behave like this?”, “Why do you strive to look worse than you really are?» etc. After thinking about your questions, the person will understand the absurdity of the situation.

3. Shine with wit.
Humor and sarcasm catch the arrogant boor by surprise and cause him a sense of unease. The easiest option is to laugh in response to the sharpness. Aerobatics — self-irony, quick witty response or even a compliment to your opponent.

4. Demonstrate politeness.
If a chronic brute is on your way, absolute politeness and boundless patience will help you. A smile and friendly communication is an unusual format for people of this type, and it can unsettle them. In addition, if you do not get the expected response according to his scenario, the rude person will lose interest in the exchange. You will get a chance to take the situation into your own hands.

5. Ignore.
Stop the unpleasant conversation. This way you will not descend to a scandal and at the same time show that you are not worth communicating rudely with. This is a universal method of psychological protection. Suitable for all types of aggression. Especially if you are facing a mentally ill person or someone with whom there is no need to maintain communication.

Here on the INTERNET, people are much more rude than in ordinary life — in social networks, people behave much more aggressively than in conversations at work or on the street.

There are fans of “wasting interlocutors” in the virtual space on almost every resource. How to behave?

1. Take a pause to calm down and think, the benefit of communication through social networks allows it. Sometimes the abuser himself, apparently having come to his senses, removes his lampoon.

2. Do not go into retaliatory aggression in the comments, do not seek to repay the same coin.
This is what trolls and haters are waiting for. If you slip into insults, they will at least see that they have offended you. Remember who you are and what you do. And trolling is the lot of the weak and poor. Not just in spirit.

3. the “Agree” Technique saves you in a situation where it is difficult to come up with something at all.
Just repeat after the boor his words, said with mockery, but completely seriously. It’s disorienting — there’s nothing to argue with.

Sometimes, the interlocutor in righteous anger can not be appeased, he scribbles and scribbles comments on a thousand characters. But in the end, he will speak out and calm down.

4. If the Troll himself imposes advice on you or teaches you to live in a rough form, thank him for his attention and complain that his experience, of course, is valuable, but it does not suit you.

And most importantly, do not take such unpleasant moments to heart. It’s not worth your nerves!