The main function of the Manager.

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    The main function of a Manager is to formulate an idea.
    What the whole enterprise lives and develops for. Without this simple understanding, no ship can sail anywhere. Need a beacon, direction. And no substitution will work here.

    The fact is that any enterprise is a projection of the person who created it. Whether managers like it or not. And everything that happens at the firm and in the company is directly related to the person’s personality-the idea of the carrier. His way of thinking, desires, personal goals are the starting point in the development of the whole business. And here it is impossible to deceive someone. The enterprise will reflect the honest essence. It would seem that everything should be simple. Understand what you want and take action. But that was not the case.

    I will tell you a case from practice. I have a friend who has been living and working in Moscow for many years. She is a very good personalist, selects specialists, works with personnel, knows everything, knows how, a godsend for any Manager. And then one day she got a job in a large company. The company is successful, large, many employees, large orders. They were engaged in, say, printing. Many offices, its own production. But the company has a turnover, people do not stay long. And the crisis, there were losses, it is not clear for what reason. She’s very turned on. She liked the Manager, wanted to help him, work with the staff so that the problem could be solved. It took almost a year before she saw that her efforts were completely futile. No matter what the Manager said in words, it was not profitable for him to detain people at the enterprise.

    It happened like this: a person came, developed their potential, burned out, in fact, and left, since the conditions for stable permanent work were not created. There were, of course, those who “survived” longer, but most still left. People were expendable. You can’t see it right away. In addition, as it turned out, the Manager was tired of the case in the form in which it was at that time, and he gradually began to destroy it: somewhere he will not fulfill the agreement, somewhere he will not pay attention to serious problems in the production process, and so on.

    If you look at it in a human way, it seems that even he feels sorry for him, tries, strains, all the responsibility is on him. But you need to understand that no one, even the most advanced psychologist, can help you work with the team. The question is simple: what does the Manager want from the company? What idea? Why would he do this personally? The answer on the principle – for the happiness of people, will not work. And the answer is based on the principle-for the sake of prosperity, money, too. The fact is that the company is a long-term investment. And many managers, when they get involved in the process of creating a business, do not realize that everything will be built on their energy, charisma, and personal strength. All the people will come, all the contacts will work out, and so on. No subordinate, even if they really want to be responsible for this main function for the Manager and take responsibility for the idea, can do this. Although, of course, creating a team assumes that there will be employees who will understand the Manager more or less closely. But that’s not what this is about.

    Do not be under the illusion that the process will somehow resolve itself. It won’t work out. It is important for any Manager to understand why he personally does all this, how he feels when he does all this, what motivates him. I once conducted trainings in different companies, and then I saw that you need to work not so much with employees as with the Manager. As soon as a person understands himself (!), everything in the enterprise gets better, all subordinates better understand what they are doing and why, and so on. Even the financial side is somehow managed, although the economic laws do not change, and the state is the same, and the people are the same.