Exchange of experience and scientific knowledge between Russian and Italian oncologists

On October 3, 2019 in Moscow the Atlas of Health group of companies, a partner of the “International   Womens Union”, in partnership with the Italian group Raphael, held an international seminar “a New era in medical and surgical methods of cancer treatment” at the site of “Business Russia” . International experience of complex approach in treatment of oncological diseases of lungs, digestive organs, mammary glands”.

The “International   Womens Union” was a partner of the seminar and took an active part in the preparation of such an important event.

The event was attended by more than 150 oncologists, chief doctors of clinics, heads of departments, representatives of medical institutions in Moscow and other Russian cities.

Honorary guests of the event were: attache of the Italian Embassy in Russia for science Aldo Spallone, Vice-President of the Association of Italian entrepreneurs in Russia Vittorio Torrembini, chief oncologist of the Central Directorate of health-branch of JSC “Russian Railways” Dmitry Reshetov, head. Department, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of MSMSU. A. I. Evdokimova gens Gelena Petrovna, specialist of the organizational and methodological Department of Oncology Of the Department of health Moscow Stepanova Julia Valeryevna, member of the General Council of  “Business Russia” Natalia Komarova, President of the “International   Womens Union” Amirova Alfiya R., academician of the Russian Academy Of Sciences Kononkov Fyodor Petrovich.

The main speakers of the event: Dr. Andrea Picchetto-specialist in minimally invasive methods of surgical treatment of cancer of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Dr. Andrea Mancuso-researcher of the Oncology Department of the hospital “San Camillo-Forlanini”, Professor Giancarlo D’ambrosio-associate Professor of General surgery of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Anna Vasilets, founder and President of the Atlas of Health group of companies, member of the General Council of Delovaya Rossiya LLC, Director of the medical tourism Department of the “International Womens Union”, made a welcoming speech to the participants. She justified the relevance of the seminar and presented its main speakers. “The fight against cancer is one of the priorities of the national project “health”. I am convinced that highly qualified specialists, modern equipment and innovative technologies are the most important components of successful cancer treatment.”

Valerio Gelfuso, President of the Rafael group of companies, said: “When we first started preparing this event, both in Rome and in Moscow, many people asked us the same question:” Why are you organizing this event? What is the purpose?”. The goal of GC Atlas of Health and GC Rafael is progress. Attention! We are not talking about development. In the most important scientific and technical forums and meetings around the world, the concept of “development” is increasingly used, but development is the strengthening of a specific dimension, and progress is the improvement of people’s lives. Development is aimed at technologies that are usually completely indifferent to human life, progress puts man in charge. Italian medicine today is one of the most advanced in the world, because it is aimed at progress, first of all, on the person, and then on technology. But we will never make progress if we close in our hospitals, in our research laboratories, because science is a place of discussion of ideas, and only if there are many ideas and they are different, then, Yes, we will find a way to progress.”

Doctor of medical Sciences MGM. A. I. Evdokimova Gens Gelena P. stressed that it is very important to hold such events on the exchange of knowledge on the international platform. “Only the symbiosis of knowledge of foreign and Russian doctors will be able to significantly change the statistics on the survival of cancer patients.”

The speeches of the Italian speakers aroused great interest of the participants of the event, as the experience and scientific achievements of Italian oncologists are unique. According to the Bloomberg index, Italian medicine ranks 3rd in the world in efficiency. The country has a high rate of survival of patients with cancer. “Accurate” medicine, in accordance with international recommendations, is a solid scientific and practical basis for the provision of highly qualified medical care in the field of Oncology.

The opportunity to exchange views within a dedicated question-and-answer time allowed participants to discuss similarities and differences in the work of specialists and methods of treatment. In addition, the constructive dialogue helped to compare and best integrate the use of modern surgical techniques and immunological treatments for cancer patients.

Partners of the event were: M Consulting, NIHMM Of the Department of health of Moscow, the Embassy of Italy in Russia, LLC “Business Russia”, “International Womens Union”.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The international event was supported by Italian and Russian mass media.


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