A new team member, it’s always great!!!!

Complex PR project management: planning, organization and control of processes, interaction with contractors and contractors……Project administration……Participation in the development of external communications plan and its implementation……Development and approval of the idea and much more falls on the shoulders of a specialist in public relations.

The work of a public relations specialist is a constant maelstrom of events. They have irregular working hours, frequent business trips, trips. In addition, a high rate of work, new acquaintances, and at the same time psychological and emotional overload.

Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that, despite the demand for the profession, it requires dedication, love for their work, strength of character, and endurance.

It is such a specialist is now in our team.

We present to Your attention A specialist in public relations ROO “International Union of Women” – Ekaterina MOKHOVA.

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