New rules for the employment of foreign workers in Russia from July 2024

Starting from July 1, 2024, the amount of state duties for the issuance of documents for the employment of foreign citizens will change in Russia. According to Federal Law No. 539-FZ of 11/27/2023, the amount of the state fee for permission to attract foreign workers increases from 10 thousand to 12 thousand rubles. The state fee for a work permit will increase from 3,500 to 4,200 rubles, and for an invitation to enter the Russian Federation – from 800 to 960 rubles for each invited person.

In addition, Federal Law No. 648-FZ of 12/25/2023 came into force, according to which enterprises subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be established in a number of regions. They will be engaged in fingerprint registration, photographing and receiving documents for registration of patents, residence permits and work permits.

Employers are required to notify the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the admission or dismissal of a foreign employee within three working days from the date of the event. Notifications can be submitted on paper or electronically through the public services portal. On a quarterly basis, employers of highly qualified specialists must inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the payment of wages.

These changes are aimed at improving the control and simplification of employment procedures for foreign citizens in Russia.

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