Summer in business.

Category “Business etiquette” with Anna Komkina.

The time for pajamas and homewear is over, it’s time to go back to the offices , and this means again a business style of clothing, from which we are already very unaccustomed. Moreover, the situation is aggravated by hot weather.
Summer business wardrobe is one of the most difficult stories. Especially if you don’t have the opportunity to wear sandals, light dresses, and t-shirts every day.

Business style in the summer should be impeccable, as well as at other times of the year, but adjusted for the hot season, it is much more difficult to match the strict office style in the summer. Business-style shoes are mostly closed, and the strict dress code does not allow you to wear sandals that consist entirely of strings. And business-style clothing, even in summer, does not imply frivolity. And yet you can find a way out!

⚫️ Choose light colors.
Light grey, beige, ivory, lavender. The color scheme of business style has long gone beyond gray and coffee with milk.
But remember, skirts and trousers of light color are very effective, but a little treacherous. First, you can not wear dark underwear under them, and secondly, they can not be worn for more than two days in a row-regardless of your accuracy.

⚫️ Choose natural fabrics.
Thanks to high-tech impregnations and additives of silk or cotton thread, they no longer resemble a chewed tablecloth after five minutes of wearing, although they still retain a certain carelessness of appearance.
Made of light and natural linen or
cotton fabrics, clothes look elegant and not too strict.

⚫️A business suit has a more casual style, often unlined and with cropped sleeves.

If the jacket has a short sleeve and no lining, wear it directly on the underwear. At a business meeting in 30-degree heat, a pantsuit made of silk or cotton is ideal. This is how you solve the pantyhose problem. Give up the business blouse in favor of a cotton top, and unbutton the jacket. You will look quite businesslike and purposeful.

⚫️ Replace shirts and blouses with tops made of cotton or silk in pastel colors, white t-shirts made of thick cotton knitwear, and plain tunics.

⚫️ A sleeveless dress, straight or slightly fitted, mid-knee length or slightly below is worn complete with a cropped jacket with a three-quarter sleeve. This looks quite strict and at the same time feminine. On the dress, inconspicuous printed drawings are appropriate, provided that they are set off by a plain jacket.

⚫️Accessories and jewelry add bright touches. They are not devoid of coquetry and have a wider than usual color scheme. And most importantly-do not wear black accessories in the summer. At all.

Summer business style for women involves a richer choice of prints than in winter. Drawings in the summer are allowed even in the strictest office. Black-and-white graphics in any variations are good both on clothes and on shoes.

⚫️ Summer business style for women obliges to wear tights or stockings in any weather. Business etiquette requires it. But no one forbids you to go to work with bare feet and flip-flops. So all the moaning about the summer-stocking theme is a storm in a glass of water. It is another matter if your workplace is not equipped with air conditioning. Then you just have to come up with a business ensemble adapted to hot and stuffy conditions. In summer, thin tights in a fine mesh look good. The color of the tights should blend with the color of the skin, and the density of the tights should not exceed 8 Dan.

⚫️ Exclude beach flip-flops, sandals with a lot of strings and an open nose, as tights obviously assume closed shoes in front.
Beige classic pumps are always elegant and appropriate in any situation. Complete with clothing, they are like dots — they can be worn with both a bright and neutral suit. Unlike black shoes, they do not look so boring and strict. And unlike white shoes, they don’t attract as much attention.
When choosing shoes, you should consider a small trick. The shade of beige should be as close as possible to your skin tone.


Be elegant, regardless of the weather!