A beautiful business breakfast for a business lady!!!!

On June 3, 2021, the first business breakfast was held in the heart of the capital, organized by the International Women’s Union together with Atlas Zdorovya Group of Companies.

Business ladies were invited to a wonderful place-the Grand Cafe ” Dr. Zhivago”.
Grand Cafe ” Dr. Zhivago is a trendy and stylish restaurant on the ground floor of the legendary National Hotel with a magnificent view of Red Square.

Our business breakfast gathered about 30 representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

The program turned out to be rich and interesting.
The president of the “International Women’s Union” – Amirova Alfiya-told about the activities of the organization, about the projects implemented and being implemented, prospects and preferences for the members of the organization, about the opportunities for promoting the members of the organization, about her own ESMI “Embassy Life”.

Anna Vasilets, President of the Atlas of Health Group, Vice-President of the International Women’s Union, creator and inspirer of the online space of care products AVcosmetica, shared the novelties of world medicine, the possibilities of modern healthcare, which have almost no borders, which are available to the clients of the Atlas of Health group of companies, and also stressed the special importance of the correct choice and rational use of cosmetics.

A special guest of the business breakfast-a delightful, elegant and radiant Italian Signora Monica Radicati di Primeglio spoke about the perfume products of the company Len fragrance gallery, showed a number of perfumes, each of which has its own name and its own bouquet.
Monica is engaged in a beautiful women’s business – our guests had a great opportunity to get acquainted with niche perfumes, feel the magic of the fragrance and catch a unique style. Our guest shared the secrets of choosing a fragrance and the role of perfume in the life of every woman.


After the speakers ‘ speech, a raffle of gifts was held:
A perfume from the Len fragrance gallery series from Signora Monica Radicati di Primeglio.
The author’s plate, hand-painted by the President of the NGO “International Union of Women” – Amirova Alfiya.
A stole of the author’s work from Lidia Tskhovrebova, the founder and owner of the brand YALIDIA.
Stylish designer gloves from Larisa Kamenskaya, founder and owner of AVANT textile agency.

We gave each guest a rose, the personification of femininity and beauty, as well as a useful gift:

1. Corporate notebook from the International Women’s Union, GC “Atlas of Health”.
2. A set of care products from “AVcosmetica”: a means for smoothness and silkiness of hair, a face mask, as well as innovative micro-needle patches for the skin around the eyes (applicators) from BLOM, developed by Russian scientists and having no analogues in the world.
3. Gift certificate from the premium fur salon BellaVita Atelier.

We are very pleased that the breakfast brought together guests from different business areas: beauty, medicine, design, television, event, advertising, as well as the non-profit sector, diplomacy and other areas. Despite the scope of the spheres and interests of the ladies found a lot in common and interesting.

Our beautiful business breakfast ended with a photo shoot on the street against the backdrop of beautiful views of our capital.

We express our gratitude to the partners of the event ( BLOM, AVcosmetica, LEN, BellaVita Atelier, YALIDIA�(YALIDIA)� , AVANT textile agency) and the lovely guests who accepted our invitation and made the breakfast magical.
The information partner was ESMI “Embassy Life»
See you again!