Each participant of the 1st International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity inside the war” will be marked!

Recently, the results of the 1st International Competition of Children’s Drawings “Humanity inside the war” were announced for the competition.

The jury members did a great job. Out of 3,833 accepted applications, 200 best works were selected as Finalists.

And 200 Finalists selected 20 Winners of the 1st International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity Inside the War”

In the near future, it will also be announced about the works marked by each member of the Jury separately, works that made a strong impression but for a number of reasons could not be among the winners.

The participants of the competition, teachers, Finalists and Winners will be awarded with Diplomas, atestats and gratitude for participating in the competition
The Winners section contains diplomas…Follow our news.

And this is just the beginning!!!

President of the International Women’s Union, Honorary member of the Association” Humanity inside War “(Italy) – Alfia Amirova is a member of the organizing committee of the International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity inside War”

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