On November 3-4, 2019, the 2nd international festival of arts and crafts “By hands of a woman”was held in Moscow (WTC Congress Center).

The festival was attended by more than 120 participants-artists, masters of decorative and applied arts, folk art, designers, representatives of other creative trends from more than 40 regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

A separate block at the festival presented the competitive works of women convicts, who passed the correspondence selection on the ground (about 35 colonies of the Russian Federation).

The organizer of the 2nd international festival of arts and crafts “Hands of women” is the NGO “International Womens Union  ” (

Official website of the project:

On November 3, the Grand opening of the Festival “By hands of a woman”took place.

The opening ceremony was attended by guests of honor:

  • Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Syrian Arab Republic to Russia Dr. Riad Haddad,
    First Secretary Of the Embassy of Jordan-Mr. Mutasim al Bashir
    Cultural attache Of the Embassy of Grenada in Russia Ms. Linessa Griffith.
    Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Olga Valentinovna Starostina
    Deputy of the Moscow city Duma, Faction Of the party “UNITED RUSSIA”. First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy – Inna Yuryevna Svyatenko
    Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation – N. G. Zemtsov
    Deputy of the Moscow city Duma, Faction “COMMUNIST PARTY of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION” – Dmitry Loktev.
    General Director of investment and trading company “Remiling”. Chairman of the Board of the NGO “Union of Women’s Forces to support civil initiatives and projects”. Academician Of The International Academy Of Management. Public Commissioner for women’s entrepreneurship in Moscow. Member of the jury of the Festival “Hands of women” – legasova Inga Valeryevna.
    Executive Director of “all – Russian public organization” women of Business ” – Maria Morozova
    The President of the Association of women entrepreneurs of Russia – Potapova Irina.
    The President of the Italian-Russian center of Economics and development “Chetver”.Consultant for the development of tourist product at “Pugliapromozione” Member of the jury of the Festival “Hands of a woman” – ROCKY MALATESTA. Italy
    Head of The cultural center of the Armenian Embassy, founder of the Moscow theater named after S. Parajanov, honored artist of Russia, member of the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation, winner of the all-Russian festival Scene of Russia. Member of the jury Of the festival “Hands of women” – Gabbe Vladimir Rubenovich. Armenia
    First Deputy Chairman of the Board Director of the Department of business development and support of the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Republic of Tatarstan. Jury member of the Festival “Hands of women” – Artur  Nikolaev
    Head of the press service of the Office Of the Chairman of the Executive Committee — CIS Executive Secretary.Svetlana Malinina is a member of the St. Petersburg Union of journalists.
    A representative of the Community of wives of the Russian diplomats – Sergenko Darya A.
    The Chairman of ANO “the support of the nation – Senkevich Mikhail V.

Photo exhibitions were presented within the framework of the 2nd international festival of arts and crafts “Hands of a woman” :

1.”The world through the eyes of the wives of Russian diplomats.”
The exhibition featured photographs taken by the wives of Russian diplomats in more than 60 countries within the framework of the first in the history of the Russian foreign Ministry photo project “the World through the eyes of the wives of Russian diplomats”, authored by the wife of Russian diplomat Christina Nestoyanova.

2.”AMPLUA” – photo Project AMPLUA is an Ode to a Woman, the heroine of her time and her people, embodying the traditions and customs of her native country.
The concert program was attended by:

Ksenia Davy is a participant of international projects, a poet and a singer who sings in different languages of the world, but always in the same language.
SERGEY GRACE is a singer, musician, author and composer, incredibly charismatic and charming artist.
The international festival of arts and crafts “Hands of women” demonstrated the richness and originality of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation, the unity of women of different faiths, the discovery of new names and talents in the applied arts.

On November 4, a Solemn awarding ceremony was held.
The jury selected 15 Grand Prix winners who were awarded diplomas, gifts and prizes. In the future, their solo exhibitions will be organized in the country and abroad.Also, among the participants were selected winners of the first, second and third degree. All participants of the event received diplomas of participants and a catalogue.
Diplomas of the winners of the Grand Prix were awarded:

Prededatel of the jury – Amirova Alfiya, a Jury member Vladimir (Russia), Nikolaev Artur S.
Diplomas of winners of 1 degree were handed over by members of jury:

Legasova I. V., Rocky Malatesta (Italy)
Diplomas of winners of 2 degrees were handed over by members of jury:

Lebedeva Nadezhda -Culturologist, artist, awarded the badge of Honor “for distinction in service.” Full member Of the Academy of folk art of The Russian Creative Union of professional artists (TSPH).
Lidiya  Tskhovrebova is an Artist-designer. Member Of The Association Of Fashion Designers Of Russia. Member Of The Moscow Union Of Artists. Member Of The Association Of Decorative Artists. Participant of many Russian and international shows in Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and other countries.
Diplomas of 3 degrees were awarded:

Svetlana Malinina – head of the press service of the Office Of the Chairman of the Executive Committee — Executive Secretary of the CIS.Member of the St. Petersburg Union of journalists.
Vasilets Anna.
Founder and President of Atlas of Health group of companies. Member of the General Council of the public organization “Business Russia”. Director Of the Department of medical tourism of the “International Womens Union  ”

“International Womens Union” expresses gratitude to the partners of the festival for their help in organizing and holding the festival.
List of winners
Grand Prix winners:
Salbieva Aza Odinakovy of RFRA – Alania, Vladikavkaz
Editor-in-chief Alena – fku IK-11, the UFSIN of Russia on Transbaikalian edge.
Trifonova Elena-Saratov region, Saratov
Irina Khalitova-Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan
Tumanova Elena-Vladimir region, Kolchugino
Aramaeans Dawn – Armenia
Natalia Borisova – Russian Federation, Moscow
Nokhsorov Juliana – the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk
Kotova Galina-Saratov region, Petrovsk
Elena Markova-Russia, Moscow
Natalia Naumova-Vologda region, Sheksna
Kulichkova Olga-Lipetsk region, village B-Samovets
Bogdanova Tatyana – HRSA – Alania, Vladikavkaz
Ageeva Larisa-Bryansk region, Bryansk
Baurova Svetlana-Ryazan region, Kasimov

Laureates of the 1st degree

Marina Colomina – Ulyanovsk region., Ulyanovsk
Shalaeva Maria-Voronezh region, with Sands, Povorinsky district
Kovaleva Julia-UFSIN Russia in the Saratov region.
Grigorieva Elena-Tyumen region, Tyumen
Olga Stepanova – Russia, Moscow
Yanbukhtina Raisa – of RFRO – Alania, Vladikavkaz
Ishchenko Elena-Russia, Moscow
Irkli Olga-Russia, Moscow
Denisova Elena-Lipetsk region, Lipetsk
Irina Anokhina – Vologda region, Cherepovets
Svetlana Dzyubenko-Sverdlovsk (LPR)
Alena Aneeva – KBR, Nalchik
Ivanova Zinaida-Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Mirny
Irina Zbanic –Leningrad oblast, Priozersk
Svetlana Bondarenko – Arkhangelsk region, Primorsky district, p. Katunino
Aksenova Lyudmila-Pskov region, Pskov
Irina Dyakova-Russia, Moscow
Laureates 2 degrees
Mila Kalinina – Russian Federation, Moscow
Marina Zarudnaya – Russia, Moscow
Kornicka Svetlana –YANAO, Nadym
Elena Chernysh-KHMAO, Nyagan
Vasko Nadezhda-fku KP-3 of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia in the Bryansk region
Ludwig Maria-Rostov region, Volgodonsk
Udalova Irina-Perm region, Krasnokamsk
Nikolaeva Anna-Vologda region, Cherepovets
Volkova Natalia Irkutsk oblast, the town of Biryusinsk, tayshetskiy district
Kolyaskina Lyudmila Smirnova and Love Saratov region, Balakovo
Klimkina Tatiana-Kaluga region, Borovsk
Zinatullina Fyarkhana – Canada, Canada, Toronto
Natalia pirozhnikova-Moscow region, Dubna
Lyudmila guzanova-KBR, Nalchik
Olga Erokhina – Russia, Saint Petersburg
Sayera Jurayeva-Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Cherepova Vera-Russia, Moscow
Laureates 3 degrees
Khorolskaya Elena-Saratov region, Engels
Antonina Vinogradova-Vladimir region, Vladimir
Dovlatyan Ruzana – Armenia
Evgenia Belova –Russia, Moscow
Polupan Of Palaban – Russia, Sevastopol
Catherine Tolstosheieva – Russia, Moscow
Svetlana Leonova-fku-IK 5 of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia in the Tver region.
Katrenko Marina-Krasnoyarsk Krai, Achinsk
Galina Bondarchuk – Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Yakutsk
Tatiana Zhivova-Nizhny Novgorod region, Nizhny Novgorod
Guseva Elena-Saratov region, Saratov
Lyudmila Savelyeva-Samara region, Syzran
Galina Muravyeva-Krasnodar region, Anapa
Yakovleva Varvara – Republic Of Sakha (Yakutia), Vilyuysk
Elena Kolesova – Republic Of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk
Natalia Kremneva-Komi Republic, INTA
Catherine Tolstosheieva – Russia, Moscow
More photos on the link:

organizing Committee:
tel.: +7 (968) 441-84-51, +7 (967) 148-38-32
e-mail: ;
With respect,
Organizing Committee of the Festival ” By hands of a woman»
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Tel.+7 967 148 38 32


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