Italy, we are with you ! We worry about you and love you very much !! It’s not easy for you right now, and that’s why we decided to organize an all- Russian charity support event.

In Italy, children draw rainbows and put their drawings in Windows, on balconies with the caption “Everything will be fine!»

Little Sofia Membrino from the province of Bologna also drew such a picture in support of her fellow citizens.

Friends, the International Womens Union invites You to take part in the campaign ” Everything will be fine. We love Italy” to support and raise the morale of citizens of friendly Italy in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Italy .

How do I do this ?

Draw a picture with a rainbow and sign “Everything will be fine. We love Italy ” post in your social networks with hashtags #Everything_will_be_fine #We_love_Italy #International_Womens_Union #the_coronavirus_is_curable #We_are_with_you_Italy

Send your drawing in electronic form to the email address with your name, the best drawings will be displayed on the site and social networks.

The drawings will be sent to Italy, our partner of the Association ” Humanity inside the war»

Each of You can write a letter of support to the residents of Italy , post it on your social networks with the title ” Everything will be fine. We love Italy” by writing hashtags #Everything_will_be_fine #We_love_Italy #International_Womens_Union #the_coronavirus_is_curable #We_are_with_you_Italy

You can also send your support email to :

Each of You can contribute whatever help you can . Everything will be sent to the Association “Humanity inside the war ” (Italy) to fight the coronavirus pandemic and support the people of Italy .


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