Women’s health is the future health of the nation. Memorandum on cooperation in the field of medical tourism

On August 2, the President of the Regional public organization for support of women entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses “International women’s Union” – Amirova Alfiya signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the founder and President of Atlas Health group of companies, a member of the General Council of “Business Russia” Anna Vasilets.

Women’s health is the future health of the nation. This is often said at public events President of the group of companies “Atlas of Health” Anna Vasilets. Therefore, the interaction of the “International women’s Union” headed by Amirova Alfiya with the President of the Atlas of Health group Anna Vasilets has a long history. In order to make it even more productive, a Memorandum of cooperation was signed.

“International women’s Union” is interested in meeting social needs related to women’s health. Therefore, within the framework of the signed Memorandum, it is planned to jointly focus on the following activities:

– providing the women’s community with reliable information on the possibilities of medical tourism to improve women’s health;

– improving the quality of women’s health by overcoming existing barriers to the development of medical tourism in Russia;

– popularization and dissemination of the most effective practices to support and improve women’s health in the regions of the Russian Federation and abroad;

– organization and joint participation in women’s forums, seminars, exhibitions devoted to medical tourism and women’s health in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad;

-information support for projects on medical tourism for the women’s community;

– creation of new jobs in the framework of medical tourism projects.

In turn, Atlas of health Is interested in the fact that its vast experience in the field of medical tourism helps to improve the quality of women’s health in all regions of the Russian Federation. Setting global goals for the health of the nation and achieving them is one of the key missions of The Atlas of Health.

Together we go to the same goal!




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