Meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000”

Photos provided by the Press Center of GBU “Moscow House of Nationalities”

On May 24, 2023, a meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” was held with the support of the Moscow Government (Department of National Policy and Interregional Relations of the City of Moscow, GBU “Moscow House of Nationalities”).

The agenda of the meeting was devoted to the topic “Tourism and Culture. New realities”.

The conditions in which tourism exists and develops are influenced by numerous factors that are determined by the need that periodically arises for society to adapt to new situations caused by changes in geopolitical and other conditions. Having different strength and duration of impact, they determine the dynamics of tourism development and the formation of a specific structure of tourism in the world and in the regions of the country.
The meeting discussed new trends in tourism, trends in international tourism and tourism in Russia, direct and indirect links between tourism, culture and the economy.
During the work of the international discussion club, a gathering and exchange of views on a given topic, the possibility of joint initiatives and partnerships took place.

The moderator of the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” was Amirova Alfiya, President of the NGO “International Union of Women”, President of the International Discussion Club “VISIO 3000”.

Alfiya Amirova opened the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” and addressed the participants of the event with a welcoming speech. Amirova A.R. noted the importance of the development of tourism and the preservation of culture in the new realities, told about the history of the creation of the International Discussion Club “VISIO 3000”.

“The International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” was founded in 2021 on the initiative of the NGO “International Union of Women” to support women entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses at the International Forum “Woman of the Third Millennium”.

The goals of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000″ are to deepen international cooperation, joint study of the historical and cultural heritage of the participating countries, environmental and economic agenda, people’s diplomacy.

It is planned that the International Discussion Club will engage in cross-country projects, including the expansion of cooperation in the field of science, education, health, environmental education and thrift, culture and tourism, the development of common scientific positions on issues of world history,” Alfiya said.

The speakers of the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” were:

  • Azamat Raimov, Second Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Head of Protocol Service, spoke on the topic “Tourism potential of Uzbekistan”. During the meeting, a presentation on the tourism potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held and videos prepared by the National PR Center were shown. A separate emphasis was placed on the theme “Samarkand – the tourist gate of New Uzbekistan”.
    “It is no secret that Uzbekistan regularly occupies high places in various world tourism rankings, and the number of tourists visiting the country, including from Russia, has been growing regularly and dynamically for many years.  Russia is Uzbekistan’s largest partner in the field of tourism. So, in 2022. 567 thousand Russian tourists visited Uzbekistan. Compared to 2021 (190.7 thousand) the growth was 297%.”- said Mr. Raimov.

*For reference. 05.04.2017 an agreement was signed between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the development of cooperation in the field of tourism.

  • Altankhuyag Dulguun, the Third Secretary of the Embassy of Mongolia in the Russian Federation, in charge of humanitarian relations, spoke on the topic: “The years of visiting Mongolia 2023-2025”, telling about the sights of the country, the tourist attraction and cultural events taking place on the territory of Mongolia.

Mongolia is a country where the heritage of majestic history is intertwined with amazing pristine nature, unique original culture and hospitality of the Mongolian people…..

The history of Mongolia is inextricably linked with the history of nomadism and settlement of the Mongols. Since the settlement of the territory of modern Mongolia by the first peoples, the Xiongnu and Xianbi empires were also formed on the basis of a nomadic civilization…..

*For reference. Mongolia has declared 2023-2025 the “Years of Visiting Mongolia” and has developed a “post-century” campaign to attract tourists from Russia.

  • Elena Matveeva is the President of the National Association of Women “Mercury New Time”. Head of the International Center for Business and Industrial Tourism. Topic of the presentation: “Modern tourism in Zimbabwe”.

Zimbabwe is a country with a rich cultural and natural heritage, which makes it an attractive destination for tourists. Modern tourism in Zimbabwe is developing in several directions, including ecotourism, cultural tourism and safari. Ecotourism is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Zimbabwe. The country is rich in cultural heritage, which can be seen in museums, national parks and local events. In general, Zimbabwe offers tourists many opportunities for recreation and travel. The country is rich in natural and cultural attractions that can be seen and enjoyed during the trip.

  • Zharinova Irina Sergeevna, Head of the Department of Ethnographic and excursion activities, GBU “Moscow House of Nationalities”. Topic of the presentation: “Ethnographic tourism in Moscow”.
  • Natalia Ivanova, Advisor to the Managing Director, Coordinator of Infrastructure Issues of the Leontief Center – AV Group Consortium, Advisor on Strategic Issues to the President of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Business Association, Vice President of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio. A public figure. Topic of the presentation: “Tourism potential of Russian regions”. Natalia told about new trends in tourism in Russia, how domestic tourism has grown, what problems still exist, why the flow of outbound and inbound tourism has fallen. Natalia Vasilyevna noted the relevance of the given topic.

  • Loskutov Valery Nikolaevich – President of the Eurasian Business Club. The topic of the speech: “Peaceful sustainable development. Good neighborliness and cooperation in business, culture, science and sports.”

  • Asia Biskup – Vice-President of the NGO “International Union of Women”, Executive Director of the International Discussion Club “VISIO 3000”. Topic of the presentation: “Goals, objectives, mission of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000”

“The Club’s activities will be aimed at forming a positive image of Russia and the member countries of the Club, discussing and consolidating the opinions of the youth of our countries about important historical events, personalities, cultural traditions, knowledge, about nature and the people who live in them,” Asia Biskup shared.

In conclusion, Alfiya Amirova spoke about the projects carried out by the NGO “International Union of Women” aimed at preserving the cultures and traditions of the peoples of Russia and the world, at developing tourism through souvenirs, including the International Festival of Handicrafts and Crafts “By the Hands of a Woman”, the International photo project “Mother and Children in national costumes”.

The participants of the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISIO 3000” were representatives of the tourism cluster, cultural and public, representatives of the business community and other interested persons.

Organizer: “International Women’s Union”

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