Details decide everything. Protocol in the life of an entrepreneur.

The program “The Woman of the third millennium”. Subject: “DETAILS DECIDE EVERYTHING:PROTOCOL IN THE LIFE OF AN ENTREPRENEUR.”

The guest of the program is Gilana Mikhailova, Director of the RANEPA Center for International Protocol, Executive Director of the National Association of Protocol Specialists (NASP)

We talked about protocol, what is the difference between Etiquette, Business Etiquette and Protocol and what they have in common.

Gilana told about the nuances of the Form of greeting, seniority, national symbols, non-verbal behavior and greeting, what gifts, to whom and how to give according to the protocol and why the leader needs the protocol!

The presenter of the program Amirova Alfiya is the President of the International Women’s Union. The program “The Woman of the third millennium”.

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